Coronavirus: Documents Needed When Going Out During Lockdown

Ankita Chetana |Mar 26, 2020

As everywhere in India is under the coronavirus lockdown, when you want to go out for some demands, you need to bring these documents along with.

Due to imposing CrPC Section 144, a group of equal or more than four people is forbidden. In the 21-day lockdown of coronavirus, only people providing essential goods and services will be allowed to be out on the road to the nearby outlets. It also applies to those who want to get medicine and household essentials.

Airport Staff
Only essential service staff like airport personal can get out of home

The whole country is experiencing the coronavirus lockdown that everyone must stay in and limit going out. If you really need to step out of your home for some necessities, remember to bring these documents required by the government.

All the personnel of the government belonging to the exempted category need to show an identity card issued the authority.

Who doesn't need any document?

Buy Food From Nearby Store
Any single one who just goes out to buy necessary items won't require a document
  • Individuals who reach the stores around the corner to purchase essential food and medicines or healthcare centers for an emergency checkup. Less or equal to two persons are allowed.
  • Individuals having the skin in the game of ongoing animal, agricultural husbandry, and fishery activities.

Who only needs ID cards by the employers?

Railway Staff
The personnel serving the cargo movement need an ID card
  • Medical staff, para-medical staff, and other staff in concern with healthcare establishments.
  • Water, electricity, conservancy service workers, bank staff, and some other public utilities such as those related to petroleum, CNG, LPG.
  • Printing and electronic media employees and newspaper deliverymen.
  • Personnel or vehicles of the port, railway or airport that are needed for the movement of cargo and commodities.

Who needs employers' authorization letters confirmed by local SDO or police?

Authorized Letter
An authorized letter endorsed by police is required for an employee of a commodity's distribution

Personnel connected with essential commodities' distribution including hyper marts, PDS, e-commerce platforms, superstores, home delivery of food.

Here are the top basic items of food necessary during the coronavirus lockdown. Watch the video:

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