CoronaVirus Can Reach 3 Meters of Distance When Sneezing!

Ankita Chetana |Feb 06, 2020

Sneeze containing coronavirus can reach 3m and float in the air prior to falling to the ground. So let’s follow these guidelines to protect yourself.

How CoronaVirus can spread in 3 meters

As what was researched, coronavirus can spread to other bodies in the diameter of 3m. After that, it doesn’t enter the ground immediately but float in our atmosphere for a certain time.

Saliva consisting of coronavirus is shaped a bit big that any kind of popular masks (not only N95) can filter it. However, when reaching the metal surfaces, the virus can exist within at least 12 hours. Thus, before touching any metal surface, let’s cleanse your hands clearly with soaps or sanitizers.

Be careful when holding any metal items

The virus can accumulate on the fabric surface from 6 to 12 hours. During that time, it can be annihilated by common detergents. For the winter clothes which we cannot wash every day, we can hang them out under the sunshine to wipe out the virus.

How to distinguish general flu with coronavirus infection

Here are some symptoms you can recognize to prepare early

Initially, coronavirus will cause inflammation in the upper airways, which is formed in pharyngitis that you can get sore throat extending from 3 to 4 days.

After that, the virus will enter the nasal fluid and come into the trachea and then the lung, which causes pneumonia. It takes about 5 to 6 days for coronavirus to expose this symptom.

When getting pneumonia, the typical symptoms are high fever and a shortage of breath. Then you will feel stuffy nose is more serious than usual when your nose is likely to be stuck in loads of fluids.

If you are having these above symptoms, you had better reach the clinics or hospitals to test the status.

3 protective methods

Remember to cleanse your hands regularly in the outbreak of coronavirus

  • The most popular virus spreading manner is touching or approaching public things so be cautious with your hands. Always get them clean by using soaps and sanitizers to wash them regularly. The virus can only exist on your hands within 5-10 minutes but can extend its lives when you accidentally touch your eyes or nose.
  • Keep your mouth hygiene mouthwash containing antiseptic ingredients to prevent the virus from invading your body.
  • Take care of yourself and don’t forget to drink water as much as possible.

Join together to repel the coronavirus pandemic for a better life and a healthy society!

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