Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020 & Colors Girls Should Wear On This Special Day

Rose Advani |Mar 05, 2020

The color theme of Women’s day 2020 is purple that means dignity & justice. Girls also get some suggested colors for a gorgeous look on this day.

For big events or parties, attendees often opt for a color theme to get the best dress which contains a suitable meaning for this occasion. Similarly, International women’s day also gets its own color which carries an unspoken meaning that speaks louder than words.

This year, the color theme of Women's Day 2020 will be purple that symbolizing for dignity & justice like the target of this special day for all women across the world.

Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020 - Purple
Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020 is purple

On this day, alongside the theme color purple, women also get a beautiful appearance by donning green, white, or pink outfit. The post will explain the meaning of your selected color on the International Women’s Day.

Purple - Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020

It is a belief that Purple is the color of loyalty and constancy to purpose. On this International Women’s Day, girls will show dignity and self-respect. And you will be a trendy girl if wearing the theme color of this day.

Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020 - Purple
Purpl is the color of Women’s Day 2020


Donning a red dress, each woman will grab the attention of all the men at the party. This color symbolizes strength and power.

Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020 - red
Red is the color of power

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Wearing all white on this special day for women is a great choice. White symbolizes purity and virtue. Donning a white dress on this special day, people will pay attention to you as a symbol of a purity beauty.

Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020 - White
White symbolizes the purity


Green is a Pantone color of 2017 and also a good color of the suffragette. Green means hope and live.

Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020 - Green
Green is the color of hope


Most of the women love pink which stands for compassion and love. Opting for a pastel pink dress will be a good choice for girls on International Women’s Day.

Color Theme Of Women’s Day 2020
Kiara Advani looks gorgeous in a pink outfit dress


Black is the color of all times which symbolizes solidary. Furthermore, black is also a powerful and respectful color. When she wears a black outfit, she will get a chic look.

Color Theme Of Womens Day 2020
A black dress gives a girl a chic look

All girls love to be beautiful on this special day and wear what she loves, what she know its meaning. Among these colors, she should choose the color theme of women's day 2020 - Purple symbolizing dignity & justice. On this special day, wish all girls in the world a colorful life with success, beauty, and happiness.

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