The World Of Bras: There Are More Bra Types Than You've Ever Known! (Part 2)

Kimmy Karima |Jul 31, 2019

Enter the world of bras and get to know many types you’ve never heard of before.

Most women think bras are too common that we don’t have anything else to say about them. Oh, so have you heard of a plunge or a convertible? In fact, there are many bra types for every kind of breast shape and every kind of outfits. Let’s explore the types of bra, and you’ll more likely find the best ones for yourself, with enough support and comfort.

Full-coverage bra

Full Coverage Bra
Photo: Zivame.

These bras are ideal for women who like ultimate support. A full-coverage has a high neckline to cover almost all of your breast, so it’s not for deep cut shirts.

Plunge bra

Plunge Bra
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A plunge bra has a neckline that, of course, plunges, so it should be your choice if you usually wear deep V-neck shirts. It also offers a subtle natural lift thanks to its unique cup shape. This type can be great for big boobs.

Padded bra

Padded Bra
Photo: Curvy Kate.

In this type, there are lightly padded to heavy padded bras, and they offer different levels of lift. Many bras have removable padding, which is convenient for different types of outfits. Padded bras also include wired and wire-free kinds.

Tank bra

Tank Bra
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A tank bra is supportive and comfortable. It’s a bit like a tight-fitting cropped tank top with wide straps. Tank bras sometimes look a bit similar to sports bras, and they’re often made of soft material. Buy a well-fitted tank bra, and you’ll feel the ultimate freedom of movement.

Longline bra

Longline Bra
Photo: Forever 21.

A longline bra is a bra that extends down to the waist or hips. It’s great for additional bust support. A strapless longline bra is a solution when you like a strapless one but worry about it “sliding down.” Some longline bras are long that they reach your hip and help keep your body in good shape too.

Convertible bra

Photo: Amazon.

When you have a convertible bra, it's like having many bras in one. You can adjust it to wear with strapless tops, one-shoulder tops, halters and just about anything else. It gives you comfort in any styles. That’s why you can also call it “a multiway bra.”

Triangle bra

Triangle Bra
Photo: Oysho.

The triangle bra is one of the most comfortable types to wear because it hugs the shape of your chest and fits your bust to create natural curves. This type also gives you more freedom because there’s no wiring or padding.

Bandeau bra

Bandeau Bra
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Bandeau bras have straight-across neckline and offer more coverage and support. They are a secure style that can flatten the bust or can be a relaxed strapless option. You feel comfortable all day in a bandeau bra and can use it when wearing complicated clothing items.

Unlined bra

Unlined Bra
Photo: Savagex.

Natural shaping and comfortable fit are the benefits of an unlined bra. This type is often made of weightless materials for more comfort so that you can wear one on casual days. There are some made from sheer, delicate lace too.

Smoothing bra

Smoothing Bra
Photo: Berlei.

Smoothing bras give you a smooth and sleek look under light tops. They have extra side-coverage bands to make sure everything goes seamlessly. You don’t have to worry about visible bra lines anymore.

Adhesive bra

Adhesive Bra
Photo: Amazon.

An adhesive bra, or sticky bra, help you look sexy and feel comfortable at the same time. It’s a good choice when you want to wear strapless and backless dresses. It sticks to your skin, and you’ll feel like you wear no bras at all. Those who often wear “difficult” tops/dresses take this type of bras as the best thing to happen in the fashion industry until now.

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