5 Tips To Keep Your Favourite Bra Last Longer In Its Perfect Shape!

Aesha |Feb 17, 2020

You might have some favorite bras of your own but they may wear out soon. Here are 5 tips to make those special bras last longer and help you feel confident to wear!

Most of us rarely use a bra for more than a year or two because the bra itself can't keep its original shape. But sometimes when you have your favorites in the closet that you don’t want to see turning discolored and wary, here are 5 tips to make your bra last longer so you can always feel confident to wear them out.

1. Rotate Your Bra Use

You like a piece of bra but it does not mean you have to wear it every day. You should not wear a bra in two days in a row since they might lose the shape quickly. If you really like a bra because of its materials or shape, let’s buy some more so you can change the bra every day and still wear your favorite one.

Refrain yourself from using the same favorite bra too many times!

2. Hand Wash Lingeries with Alcohol-Free Detergent

We all know the convenience of the washing machine but your lingeries will turn old soon. In order to keep your favorite bra last longer, you should hand wash them. You just need to half-fill a washing bucket with water, pour some good-quality detergent then swirl a bit and put the bra into it. Soak your bra for 15 minutes then rinse it off.

Use alcohol-free detergent to wash your bra to keep its elasticity.

Remember to use an alcohol-free detergent even you wash the undergarments or not since it’s good for your clothes. You should check the label carefully when buying the detergent. If you cannot find it, just opt for a gentle liquid to wash. It does not dry out the elasticity so your bra will last longer.

3. Hang Dry The Bra With The Band

Besides skipping the washing machine, you should say goodbye to the dry machine also. The heat inside the dryer can damage the elastic and the underwire of your bra and it will lose the shape very soon. So you should hang dry your lingerie, especially by the band, not the strap.

Don't let the dry machine ruin your favorite bras!

4. Use A Mesh Lingerie Bag

If you can not avoid using a washing machine and dryer, you can simply buy a mesh lingerie bag which is easily found in a grocery store. This bag will keep the bra shape.

Put your favorite ones into this bag for a machine wash and dry, and it will do the job. Please remember this is the last resort if you cannot hand wash and hang dry your bras, but at least you can keep your favorite bras last longer than normal.

Resort to the lingerie bag if you have to use the washing machine.

5. Use Bra Accessories

The majority of women do not bother to use bra accessories when necessary, which can shorten their bras' lifespan. Have you ever felt your bra too tight but doing nothing to solve the problem? Or have you tried adjusting your bra shape to fit in your dress without knowing that the action can deform the bra forever?

These bad habits all cause your favorite bra to lose its natural sexy look, and you may never be able to use it again though there's nothing worn out.

Learn using suitable bra accessories from now, such as bra extender, low back bra converter or racerback ring converter to keep your bra in its original form.

Support your bra with correct accessories to keep its original shape!

We believe our tips will help you have the best experience and use with your collection of bras.

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