Blood Types - Crucial Factor Reveals And Shapes Girls' Personalities In Love

Priyansh Ha |Jun 16, 2019

Your blood type defines the way you think and behave in every social connection. In the dating world, it's essential to understand your strength and weaknesses as it will decide how your relationship goes. 

Blood types are widely believed to be an essential element which shapes people's personality. Meanwhile, your blood type defines the way you think and behave in every social connection. In the dating world, it's essential to understand your strength and weaknesses as it will decide how your relationship goes.

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Take a look at four types of girlfriends based on their blood types and see who you are in a relationship.

Type A: The Obsessed But Committed Girlfriend

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When it comes to a relationship, you will be fully committed to it as if it is your very last one. Your partner is the only one you see, and a plan for your future is never a vague thing. However, you’re somehow so obsessed with the relationship and lose all self-control with it. Although you’re completely serious about it and want your partner to be the same, sometimes your anxiety and immaturity can screw things up.

In addition to that, your sensitivity is another weakness as it is easy for you to be disappointed or satisfied with the smallest things your partner do. Anyway, you’re the type of girlfriend who always wants to make things work and build a healthy relationship.

Type B: The Mischievous But Optimistic Girlfriend

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As a blood-type B-girl, you are keen on having adventures and exploring something new. It’s easy for you to get bored with the usual things. Hanging out or taking a journey with your partner is the thing you need to spice your relationship up.  

With an incredible creative ability, you can take your partner by surprise from time to time. It could be a cute letter, a surprising meal, or even a new experience with sex. Being in a relationship with you is precisely just like riding a roller coaster which keeps releasing their adrenaline in different ways.

At first, your partner might find their private space intruded, but they will soon get along with it and feel the need of sharing your positive energy. On the downside, you’re an irresponsible and indecisive girl who never consider things thoroughly.

Type AB: The Erratic But Rational Girlfriend

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As the combination of blood types A and B, a blood-type-AB girlfriend is hugely complicated and unpredictable. You can be wholly enthusiastic in the first moment then turn into a calm mood with a blink of an eye. Being flexible and balanced is your most attractive point as you can understand and satisfy your partner in many ways.

On the contrary, the way you profoundly consider things might get your partner annoyed. They’re frightened of the critical comments and overt judgment you give on someone or something.

As a consequence, they will be afraid of letting you know their mistakes. However, believe in your relationship and your wise decisions as they are the things your partner will never lose trust.

Type O: The Aggressive But Independent Girlfriend

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Being insecure is the thing a blood-type-O girlfriend never experienced in her relationship. Apart from being an independent and self-control person, you can take control of every single matter in your life. You know what you need to do in a relationship. You set the standards for your partner and instill it into their mind day by day.

Of course, they will find it bothersome, that you’re exaggerated, egotistical, and ambitious, and all you need to know is only your pride. Take it seriously about it.

There is a vast difference between knowing your worth and being egotistical. Don’t let your pride shatter the relationship which you’re putting all your effort.

Love is about giving and taking. Let your partner know that their value is equal to yours. It doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your pride. Your independence is the most attractive trait in love. Keep things balanced.


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