How To Stay Safe And Gain The Benefits From Online Workout Courses

Kimmy Karima |Jul 22, 2019

Online workout courses seem to be the key to physical health and better shape for everyone. But there are a lot of things to consider, according to experts.

In the age of Industry 4.0, you can learn almost everything online. From cooking to programming, whatever you want, you can find it on the Internet. The same is for daily exercise. It’s easy to find all kinds of workouts online, for free or for a small fee. So far, so good, right?

The advantages of online workout courses

Online courses bring the gym and the trainer to your home.

It’s small wonder that more and more people enjoy online workout sessions. Firstly, they often don’t cost as much as gym memberships. Secondly, you don’t have to leave home. Next, you don’t feel embarrassed about your body or your wrong moves. And best of all, you can do any exercise, at any moment you like. Everything is always at your fingertips.

Online workout courses sound that attractive! They also give you sweet promises of weight loss, perfect shape, or less pain. Certainly, they’re not empty words, because most of the instructors in those courses are professional trainers anyway.

Then, the disadvantages…

It’s hard to know if you follow the instructions accurately or not.

When you follow online instructions, you can never be sure if you do them entirely right. You never know if this stretch is just fine or too much. Or if you do this yoga flow correctly. It turns out, and things aren’t as easy as they seem. Many people get injured when working out in accordance with online videos. Some overdo it and experience pains. Others don’t gain the benefits because they don’t push themselves hard enough.

Words from experts

Listen To Your Body
No two people are the same, so listen to your body.

All good doctors would tell you that every person is different from the others. So it’s necessary to listen to your own body. Your routine must depend on many factors like your fitness level, your age, your physical issues, and you name it.

Following online workout courses is a good way to shed some sweat daily in this busy world. But you should always approach with caution, try “doing correct form, using correct technique, doing optimal intensity and quantity and following correct breathing techniques”, according to Dr. Kiran Sangani, Medical Director, Melt. Health, a metabolic upgrade center. When you find some workout sessions that you like, it’s best to show them to a professional first to have their advice.

It’s best to have a real trainer to guide you before you take online workout courses.

Besides, some online courses also offer supervision and feedback via video calls, which is great. Keep in mind that you know yourself best, so never try to do anything that makes you feel hurt or highly uncomfortable. Safety first, remember?


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