Beauty Of Single Life: 4 Awesome Advantages Of Solitude And Freedom

Jasmin Hue |Oct 31, 2019

Being single can give you chances to expand yourself and find different forms of happiness. So check out these four reasons why solitary status is very more beneficial than you expected.

Social media newsfeed is flooded with photos of your friends traveling with their lovers, of some preparing for their wedding. You may get fidgety and feeling sad about your single status. But being alone does not mean being “lonely.”

On the contrary, it gives you numerous chances to expand yourself and great freedom to add more happiness to your life.

1. You have time to strengthen your friendship


According to research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, being single significantly promotes social interactions. Instead of spending all your free time for just one person, you can have endless fun with your friends. You can still share your stories, worries with them, you can do various hobbies together.

The quality time with other people around you will create stronger bonds in your social networks. Moreover, learning how to form a firm friendship will as well help you to prepare better for a romantic relationship.

2. You take better care of your physical wellness

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Those who are single spare more time on doing exercises and lead a healthier lifestyle. Recent research shows that single women tend to refrain themselves better from smoking and drinking alcohol, while the percent of the solitary men diagnosed with heart disease is lower than that of married men.

3. You have a chance to understand yourself better


There's a famous saying: “No relationship is more important than the relationship with yourself.” So take advantage of your solitary status to observe, discover yourself, and figure out your interests. Being in a relationship, sometimes you have to put your hobbies aside to find a common interest to do with your lovers.

But if you are single, the story is different. You have the freedom to do whatever you like, to be whoever you want to be. By doing that, you are creating a more resilient and authentic self, which makes you even more attractive.

4. You can live the life you want without regret

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It is quite common for people to feel regret when they miss numerous chances just because of their relationship. For example, they are offered a decent job abroad but do not dare to leave their lover alone. But your single status allows you to make “selfish” decisions without having to care about others. And of course, you can be your true self as you are not being labeled as someone’s “lover,” “spouse,” or “parent.”

All in all, you don’t need to wait for someone to come to complete you. Take up new hobbies, take good care of yourself, surround yourself with supportive friends, and pursue your dream! Of course, life doesn’t consist of 100% of good times, but you can always create your happiness regardless of your marital status.

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