Top 5 Babymoon Destinations In India To Mulitply Your Happiness

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 29, 2020

Babymoon vacation is becoming a hot trend which is not only for celebs but also for everyone as it is completely affordable and impossible. Check out 5 best babymoon destinations in India and you're good to go!

Recently, the term ‘babymoon’ is becoming more and more popular, it even became a trend as we have seen many celebrities going on a trip pregnant: Mira Rajput visited the Maldives, Shilpa Shetty went to Switzerland, and Kareena Kapoor took a tour to Dubai. In fact, a babymoon is not that lavish and extravagant like you might think. A babymoon is basically a trip for an expecting couple when they spend more time for romance, rest and relaxation than other activities and sightseeing. In fact, pregnancy turns out to be the time you should travel the most as it is a great way for expecting mom to relieve stress and make use of their last fun holidays before being completely occupied with the baby.

As travelling a long way is not recommended while being pregnant, travelling within the country happens to be the best option for your health (and your wallet). Before getting top babymoon destinations in India, here are some notes you need to know about travelling during pregnancy.

Babymoon Destinations in India
Mira Rajput and Kareena Kapoor set the trend of babymoon vacation in Bollywood

When is the best time for a babymoon vacation?

According to doctors, the second trimester (from week 13 to week 28) is definitely the best time to travel as you don’t suffer from morning sickness anymore and your baby pump is not too big so you can move, walk and travel easily.

Meanwhile, travelling from the third semester onwards pose a risk of preterm delivery and you will need to ask for a doctor’s certificate for air travel after week 28. 

Travelling During Pregnancy
Travel during the second trimester to avoid possible risk for your baby!

Top babymoons destinations in India

While deciding which is the most perfect place for travelling during pregnancy in India, make sure that the place you stay is not too far from the city centre so you can access medical assistance easily. On the other hand, it shouldn't be too crowded and studded with tourists as all you want for your babymoon getaway is about relaxing and chilling.

While beach destinations happen to be the most popular choices, hill stations and remote areas are not recommended.

Pondicherry babymoon destinations in India
Pondicherry is among the best places for you to escape from the crowded and hustle cities

5. Pondicherry

Apart from Goa, Pondicherry appears to be one of the ultimate babymoon destinations in India which offer you a clean and fresh atmosphere as well as the unique French vibe. In addition to that, there is a highway which connects the city with Chennai so it’s easy for you to get there without travelling on winding roads.

What to do in Pondicherry: The city offers you more than you can ever expect a wonderful babymoon. Apart from the significant French cuisine and notable churches and buildings around the city, the Pondicherry beach is one of the most appealing tourist attractions of India you cannot miss. What can be more relaxing and romantic than walking hand in hand with your partner along the beach?

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babymoon destinations in India Andaman
Andaman is also one of the top destinations for a perfect beach babymoon vacation

4. Andaman

Looking for an abroad travelling experience yet staying inside the country, Andaman appears to be your best choice and after a few-hour flight, you will find yourself in one of the real heavens on earth. In fact, this Indian Ocean island has lately emerged as one of the hottest beach destinations of India which is not only popular among locals but also ex-pats.

What to do in Andaman: Although the island is famous for the most gorgeous and diverse coral reefs of the world, it’s not highly recommended to take a dive while being pregnant. On the contrary, swimming is good for your health or you just need to take a walk or lay back on the beach and enjoy the serene beauty of nature.

Visiting Jaipur in winter is one of the most offbeat travelling experience you can get during your pregnancy

3. Jaipur

The list of top babymoon destinations in India won’t be complete without Jaipur. If you’re living near Delhi, the city is just perfect for a weekend getaway. The city is perfect to visit in winter while going to Jaipur in monsoon is not a good idea.

What to do in Jaipur: There are some major spots like the City Palace, Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal that you should take a look at while paying Jaipur to visit. After that, you could spill your time (and money) on Jaipur shopping markets which are studded with delicate jewellery and handicrafts.

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Goa babymoon destinations in India
Goa is definitely one of the most popular babymoon destinations in India

2. Goa

The first beach vacation which meets all of the above criteria is none other than Goa. Guess you’re surprised as the most popular beach nearby Mumbai is also studded with people drinking and partying all night long. South Goa, however, turns out to be calm and peaceful. It will be the best option for family vacations especially babymoon.  

What to do in Goa: Taking a walk along the untouched beaches of South Goa is not only relaxing but also good for your health during pregnancy. A tasty and romantic dinner on the beach will make you feel like going on the second honeymoon while having a therapeutic spa session is also not a bad idea.

Udaipur babymoon destinations in India
Udaipur - The most romantic spot of India is perfect for a babymoon vacation

1. Udaipur - The most romantic spot of India

If you expect your babymoon vacation to be more luxurious and romantic, head to Udaipur where you can explore many spots around the city in the daytime and pamper yourself with the tenderness of love and romance in a high-class palace resort at night.

What to do in Udaipur: Having a dinner-date at a lake view restaurant is something you cannot miss to complete your babymoon vacation. In addition to that, going shopping must be on your checklist when visiting the city. This place is also the heaven for food lovers and pregnancy cravings with a wide range of foods from dal bati, Chinese and to street foods.

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Have you made up your mind yet where to go for your babymoon vacations in India? Plan for your trip right now to make the most out of your pregnancy!

If you have more suggestions to the list of best babymoon destinations in India, don't hesitate to leave comments in the box!

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