German Zoo To 'Sacrify' Animals To Feed Others Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 18, 2020

The coronavirus is apparently affecting multiple aspects of our lives including economic activity. Lately, due to the coronavirus lockdown, a Germany-based zoo has lost so much revenue that they may serve animals as food.  

The interruption of supply chains combining with the drastic decline of revenue has caused the zoo to possibly take a dire measure: feeding animals with other animals. The coronavirus crisis has been spreading for months now. Since then, the economy and business have become worse. The northern Germany Zoo Neumünster is among many victims of this pandemic. The zoo is now facing the worst-case scenario where some of its “residents” will be butchered for others’ meals.

Neumnster Zoo German Coronavirus Crisis 3
A pair of sea lion in Neumnster Zoo in German 

Currently being home to 100 species and over 700 animals, Neumünster Zoo has come up with their last resort of euthanizing some of the animals in order to reduce costs. According to zoo director Verena Kaspari, they had added some of the animals to the killing list, in a specific order.

Although the first animal to be slaughtered remains unknown to us, Vitus, a 12 feet tall polar bear is likely to be the last one. Verena Kaspari elaborated on the situation, saying the zoo has to sacrifice some animals’ lives for the sake of others’. This could be the most unpleasant thing that the zoo has to face due to the devastating pandemic. Kaspari also added that she would choose to slaughter some animals over leaving the rest died of starvation.

Neumnster Zoo German Coronavirus Crisis
Vitus the polar bear was said to be slaughtered to feed other animals amid the coronavirus crisis in German

Neumünster Zoo has stopped making revenue from visitors since the national lockdown imposed on March 15th. Donation is the only alternative for the zoo to maintain its day-to-day operation.
The German Government has already been launching a €750B economic rescue package to support businesses affected by COVID-19. Kaspari claimed to not have received any money from city and state funds so far.

A zoo association named The Association of Zoological Gardens (VdZ) has recently called on Chancellor Angela Merkel for an emergency aid worth up to €100. Neumünster Zoo is among 56 zoos represented by this association. VdZ President Jörg Junhold has made a point by noting that zoos need to keep operating and they can't shut down to cut costs. Under any circumstances, in order to stay alive, animals need food, which often comes with expensive endeavors.    


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