Women Become Happier After Giving Up These 9 Silly Thoughts. How About You?

Sahana Nhi |Sep 24, 2019

If you let these 9 silly thoughts make you upset, you're wasting your thought and time for nonsense things. Stop that and treat yourself better, girls!

Needless to say, women are the most sensitive creature in this world. They are easily touched and also vulnerable.

However, if a woman let these 9 silly thoughts make her upset, she is wasting all of her thought and time for nonsense things. Stop doing that and treat yourself better, girls!

silly thoughts

1. “Body hair is disgusting”

silly thoughts

Wake up, girls. Things you should feel embarrassed are cheating on your BFF and S.O, mistreating your pets or something like that instead of your body hair which is totally normal whether it is more or less.

You can be in whatever side, #TeamBareNakedLadies or #TeamNoShave,  as long as it helps you feel comfortable with. Be more confident, you’re very beautiful in your own way!

2. “I’m too loud in bed, how ashamed!”

silly thoughts

Women tend to hide their true color in the bed because of this silly thought. They think that this natural impulse ruins their femininity and makes them look ridiculous. That’s totally wrong.

In fact, men love to hear your voice during lovemaking. It’s the signal show that he’s in the right way. So, please be free to be loud, as long as you and your partner enjoying it!

3. “ I have to hide my tampon! Can’t let them know I’m in a period”

silly thoughts

Relax. You’re in the 21st century when everybody is taught about sex education, so everybody knows what period is and how normal it is in women life.

It’s not a big deal anymore, not at all. If you’re on period and doesn’t feel good, for example, you forget to bring you tampon or have a serious stomachache, don’t be shy to ask for help.

4. “'Body count' is very important, I have to control it!”

silly thoughts

Everybody knows what “Body count” is but please notice that having a very “high” numbers doesn’t mean you’re an indecent girl and vice versa, you’re not an unattractive either while having a “low” number. Remember, a number is just a number, it doesn’t show or prove anything but please do not forget the safe S.E.X rules before climbing on the bed with anyone, girls.

5. “My awful photos must disappear”

silly thoughts

Are you usually unhappy when your friends tag you in their photos? Are you scared of being ugly in social media? Stop it! No one will care about those photos like the way you are, even when they contain the moments you wear your old pajama or before you sneeze. You’re still cool.

Remember, photos are things which keep our memories instead of creating our anxiety.

6. “Urgh. I hate my bra size”

silly thoughts

Although a lot of people think that only women who have big boobs are sexy, the truth is women are always sexy, no matter their bra size is or even they have to goodbye their boobs because of serious diseases. Be proud of your boobs and take care of them well, whether they are big ladies or little princesses, they totally deserve with your cares and pride.

7. “Every woman has to have children”

silly thoughts

You’re still a good woman, whether you want to have kids or not because the desire of having children is not a measure to evaluate a woman. It should be something else, for example, the way she treats the others or her sense of responsibility. However, you will even become a very bad woman and mom if you give birth but don’t have enough conditions to raise your kids in good ways.

8. “Only independent women want to have kids”

silly thoughts

Oh no, Don’t ever think like that! One more time, please, remember that the desire of having children is not a measure to evaluate a woman. You’re definitely not guilty or stupid just because you have a simple but sacred desire.

9. “No junk food allowed”

silly thoughts

Relax, girls. I know that we must to eat healthy food to keep our shape. However, we can also eat our favorite junk food sometimes, it’s not that bad and you can’t also become a sinner just because of food. Don’t be too tough with yourself because it actually causes anxiety and stress instead of helping you look more beautiful.


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