5 Significant Signs To Show Your Marriage Still Has A Chance To Save

Nari Chakraborty |Oct 10, 2019

Your married life is on the edge of ending? Maybe, maybe not. Check out these five revealing signs are trying to say that something!

You are having a struggling period time in your marital life and getting tired of sticking things together again. Instead of looking at the bright side, you focus on the visible signs that ruin the relationship. Above all, have you ever tried to rethink what does matter, what is positive?

Check out these five revealing signs are trying to say that your marriage still has a chance to save from the edge of ending.

1. Memories of him put you into good moods

Your marriage ending or not depends much on your will

Suddenly, you come across the familiar scent of your husband's perfume or the smell of his favorite food. Take advantage of that feeling.

Our loving memories and present are connected by scent, so as long as you are still 'addicted' to his cologne or after-work smell, congratulations! From your nose to your heart, you understand that you haven't been 'sick of him' yet.

2. You both rank family first

Marriage life takes priority to the family as a unit

What links a family as a unit? According to Amy Spencer, a happiness expert and Meeting Your Half-Orange's author, it's a long vacation or just simply, a trip to the park at the weekend. She doesn't mean due to the children, it's because of you, him and your sons/daughters as a whole family.

Before filling in those divorce papers, you had better ask yourself two questions: Do you think that you feel okay without him in a family outing? Does that thought make you sad?

3. Both of you have 'couple times'

A dull and easy-to-end marriage is the one which exists without dating

Admittedly, we all live in a busy world. You work like a bee, trying to balance between daily tasks such as updating your children's studying, being on track of your social life and so on. Sometimes, it's much better to lay on the couch and watch Netflix than pay attention to what your husband's doing. But, that's a terrible idea, recommends Leah Klungness, Ph.D. and a psychologist in New York.

Having a relationship without dating feels like you just throwing yourself into an empty role of being a wife. So, preparing a cozy dinner at home with candles, wine, and lovely dishes means a lot in maintaining the marriage flames.

4. Feeling safe as expressing your inner thoughts with your partner

couple-watching sunset
Sharing makes a marriage meaningful

No matter how angry you are at each other, deep inside your heart, you still want to spend time sharing your genuine feelings with your husband, figuring things out with him. Joe Beam, Ph.D. and Marriage Helper's the founder and chair, says, "We all crave acceptance for who we genuinely are."

If both spouses take responsibility for being a shoulder for each other to lean on, no hesitation or judgment, the situation will get much easier to handle.

5. You both always want to be in the same boat

Being a supportive lover in a marriage is important

Beam comments that being a supportive partner is much more meaningful than being a loving wife, notably through tough times. And that's why that type of marriage lasts longer. He also says that it's good to consider each other as an individual who has different opinions. However, when it comes to an argument, we should be committed to overcoming it together.

As you see, marriage life might be difficult for us to harmonize everything. But as long as you have proper strategies, nothing is impossible.


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