9 Secret Fears That 95% Of Men Don't Want To Talk About

Salena Harshini |Aug 18, 2019

Men also have their own fears, though they never clearly show them. These are 9 fears that men have, talking from a psychological perspective.

Men are often associated with strong images, but it is just an outside thingy. On the inside, everyone has such secret fears that they never want to mention. It is also quite assured that the ladies wouldn’t believe hearing about those fears.

Yet all these facts are true, and they have been well considered by psychologists.

1. Appearance

Abs Man

While women are aware of their looks and also concern about how to keep fit, men are actually similar. Psychologists pointed out that 90% of men feel anxious about their appearance, even quite unconfident supposed they are compared to a 6-pack model on a magazine cover or on the Internet.

In particular, the biggest fear of men is the belly that lacks muscle but has too much fat.

2. Money

“So how much money do you have?” – this is considered the most stressing question to the mandem.

Money Man

According to social norms, from the past to the present, men are often tied to the role of the breadwinner, who must always be financially strong. Therefore, whether they have a girlfriend or not, the thing that men fear is to be out of money.

But guys, remember this, money is important, but what women really need is attention and affection. If you find a woman who considers your money to be her priority, rethink about your choice because she is indeed a pragmatic person.

3. Height

They say "Though you're not tall, people still have to look up to you." Well, it is just a comforting statement. Men are still afraid of being judged on height because it has always been considered the standard of a perfect man. A research conducted by the University of Liverpool in 2000 also indicated that men who are taller than 1.7 meters will have better fertility than the rest.


But anyway, guys who are vertically disadvantaged don't have to be sad. According to a research published on PLOS ONE in 2014, short men often live longer for owning a particular gene that increases life expectancy. In addition, there is no need for inferiority, because women fall for the confidence, demeanor, and warmth of the heart.

4. Being compared to other people

Just like women not being fancy being compared to each other, men also hate it even though they don’t clearly show what they think. When being put on a scale with other people, and unluckily they are better at every aspect, a man’s pride would be extremely ruined.

5. Love experience


According to a psychological study in 2014, men will feel very insecure if they are considered "amateurs" in love. They always want to appear as an experienced player. They even tend to exaggerate the number of ex-girlfriends they have had.

6. Hair

Maybe it is unbelievable to ladies, but hair is indeed a problem that causes anxiety for men. “Does too much hair make me look like a caveman?” “Too little hair makes me a wuss.” “Bushy hair and beard make me look bad”, or worst, “I’m bald.” All these thoughts really trigger them.

Hair Man

Hair problem is one thing that men don’t want others to take notice of. Therefore, it does them good if you just don’t dig in this side in a conversation.

7. Diet

Women usually go on a diet and they don't mind talking about it. Men also have diets, but they are afraid to mention it because they think it doesn’t make them appear masculine.

Man Diet

Surveys show that men really care about their bodies and the amount of food they eat. They want to look good, just that they rarely mention it.

8. Ex-boyfriend

How many people has your current girlfriend been in a relationship with? This is a question that men are extremely curious about, but while they really want to know, they are also afraid to acknowledge it. The reason is if she has lots of old flames, they will sense some kind of competition, and it is easy for them to be put in the comparison.

“You’re not as “good” as my ex." - Can anyone even bear this sentence?

9. Expressing emotions in front of the crowd

Man Cry

The eternal concept all this while is: “Men must be strong”, “Boys don’t cry” and we often hear this from an early age. Because of that, the idea haunts the men, making them afraid of exposing their true feelings.


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