9 Easy Tricks Every Guy Should Do To Make His Girlfriend Feel Special Every Day

Bindhiya Nhi |Jul 04, 2019

Despite what every guy claims, the secret to pleasing your girlfriend is simple. Here are 9 simple things you should do to make her day.

As a boyfriend, it is your duty to keep your partner's heart filled with joy. In fact, it is not difficult and expensive to please your girlfriend, especially if she loves you. Every girl loves jewelry and clothes, but she will also appreciate little things such as snacks and hugs. Scroll down for 9 small gestures that will instantly make her day.

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1. Make Her Breakfast

Do not wait until Valentine to impress her with your cooking skill. You can kick the day off with a delicious breakfast for your partner. Breakfast in bed sounds romantic but in fact, it turns out to be quite messy. Instead, you can prepare a beautiful breakfast for your lady at the kitchen table on a weekday morning.

2. Make Her A List Of Lovely Compliments

Is your girlfriend in a bad mood? Is work getting her down? When your girlfriend has a tough week, do not sit back and watch her be unhappy. You can write her a list of 7 things that make you fall more and more in love with her every single day.

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3. Volunteer To Do Her Chores

Does she need you to repair something in the house? Does she want new kitchen gloves or a cute apron?  It does not take you much to realize what your partner needs. We all know that household chores can be a big source of stress. If you are more than willing to share them with her, she will greatly appreciate it.

4. Be A Supportive Boyfriend

If your girlfriend has an important presentation, do not forget to set a reminder for about 30 minutes before her big event. By this way, you can write her a little note with some words of encouragement. If you love her, try to become her strong motivation.

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5. Leave Your Girl A Loving Voicemail

Sending cute text messages is not a bad idea, but sometimes you should leave your lady a loving voicemail instead. You can also take it to another level by making it quite filthy. This is the best way to talk dirty to your partner, and she will also more than happy to listen to it again and again.

6. Create A Playlist That She Loves

As music is a powerful way to express love, a personal playlist for your beloved girl will certainly brighten up her day. It does not have to be a list full of cheesy songs. Instead, you should create a killer mix of those beautiful '80s ballads, or an album of her jam but with many remix versions. Your partner needs something good to listen to on the way home.

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7. Stop Being A Phone Addict

Phones are addicted, but they can also ruin your relationship. Your phone can never replace your girlfriend, so stop gluing to it and start some good eye contact with her instead. When both of you are having a meal, just ditch your phone and focus on listening and looking at your lady.

8. Make Her A Relaxing Bath

Setting up a romantic and relaxing bath is not as difficult as what you expect. You can use a few simple things, such as Epsom salts and a drop of her favorite scent, to create a spa-like bubble bath experience for your girlfriend. Do not forget to check out the temperature of the water also, it should not be too hot or too cold.

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9. Take Note Of Great Gift Ideas

You cannot come up with a great idea instantly when needed. Instead, try to take note of some romantic ideas and gifts for your girlfriend that you have found on the Internet. You can also listen carefully to what she says and what she needs. Every girl will feel pleased when their partner remember what she has said and later makes her dream come true.


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