Dating Guru: 8 Signs Of A True-life Partner You're Looking For

Priyansh Ha |Aug 18, 2019

However, many couples have prooved that soulmates do actually exist which gives us hopes to find ours. Check out these 8 signs to not pass through your soulmate while not knowing he or she is "the one”. 

Growing up with Disney fantasy and Hollywood romances, most of us tend to think that someday our soulmates will show up and stay with us for the rest of our lives.

Sadly, in real life, it may take us decades to find “the one” or acknowledge what signs to identify our soulmates. That will commonly make us start to consider a soulmate as stupid fantasy.

However, many couples have prooved that soulmates do actually exist which gives us hopes to find ours. Check out these 8 signs to not pass through your soulmate while not knowing he or she is "the one”. 

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1. A Strong Intuition

Just like a flash, there will definitely be something you feel by your senses when “the one” shows up. It may be a feeling of love at first sign phenomenon or a sensation of intimacy. 

So if someone you’ve met for the first time makes you feel contented and enjoy being around with, there’s a high chance that this is your dream relationship.

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2. You’re Close Friends

“Lovers can’t be best friends” have become a wide known myth for a long time. However, a strong bond between the two as friends contributes the most to a long-term relationship. Meeting “the one” also means that you’ve found your best friend!

Don’t be mistaken that having other friendships outside your soulmate doesn’t matter anymore. A soulmate will simply be your special close friend and can easily get on a deeper level than your normal friends usually don’t. Sharing a good sense of humour may help the two of you take part in each other’s life as a source of support.

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3. You Respect Each Other

Trying hard to turn your partner around often results in the downfall of a relationship. On the contrary, respect is something soulmates normally have for each other. They’re fully aware of knowing one another’s soul and respecting each other’s perspective are fundamental keys in a healthy relationship.

So if you find yourself can go along with someone regard of their quirks and neuroses, and you feel the same from your partner, it is likely that your soulmate is already here.

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4. You Share The Same Future Vision

This is a strong indicator that your soulmate has shown up. Sharing the same core values and purposes will create a strong mental connection. This thing, eventually, will maintain the happiness and harmony in your relationship. So, when seeing someone who has the same pattern of vision as yours, well then congratulation! You may have just found your soulmate for life. 

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5. You Push Each Other Forward

Your dream romantic partner will not only adore you for things you’ve already had but also pave the way to all your possibilities. This sounds pretty challenging because you two often boost each other up and out of the comfort zones. Fortunately, the special mixture of challenge and encouragement from a soulmate will be a powerful impetus for individual’s improvement.

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6. You Fight For The Relationship

Every relationship comes with conflicts. Having bumps and obstacles on your way is something absolutely normal. Whatever you two have to cope up with, from financial problems to family difficulties, for illness to career instability, a true-life partner will fight for their relationship at all price.

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7. You Aren't Afraid Of Being Apart

Soulmates not only feel comfortable being together but also apart. It means that they don’t feel insecure or worry about their partner when he/she is not around. Meanwhile, the time they have together is more like a  valuable moment which is fulfilled with joys and happiness than a chore.

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8. You Are Happy To Be Authentic

The best part of having a soulmate is you don’t need to pretend to be anyone else but you. You’re free to reveal yourself including your darkest side not worrying about being judged. Being genuine is the crucial quality for a couple to form intimacy. Fortunately, you can easily define it right at your first meet.


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