8 Misunderstanding About Dating Apps In India

Mina Muzumdar |Mar 31, 2019

How do you think about finding love online?

1. Dating apps are only for weird people

Many people were judged to be weirdo when someone dating online. There is the truth that users of dating apps come from different levels of society and have a variety of background.

Different from many sites created for that desire, the main purpose of dating online and apps is to help people to have a partnership and romance in their life. Furthermore, joining to paid sites and apps is a good way to avoid those who wandering on dating sites to find one night stand.

Activities on dating apps are not much different from real life. There is no guaranty that the one you like will like you. Even though an attractive profile with an appealing picture, detail information in self-introduction, hobbies and dislike could improve the situation and you will soon get responses.

4. That is such an embarrassing when being caught using dating apps

Obviously, most people refuse to date online because they do not want to be spotted by friends, colleagues, and family. The importance is that your information is safe with dating apps, your profile will not be publicized and only seen by those who use these apps as well.

After a few days talk together, it is not surprising that the two might want to meet the other. At any case, be aware of strangers, make sure your dating places are in public areas and lets your acquaintances know to ensure that you are safe.

6. There are tons of liars

There is a common misconception that dating apps' users could use fake profiles to cover their true people. Even some people might do that but most dating apps allow users to link social networking like Facebook so that other user can have a certain level of access to know more about other users.

7. It is an unnatural thing to do

It is believed that online communications just can send out a message but it can't carry your emotion. However, why a 10-minutes conversation could be more effective than the conversation happened over weeks? Communication is the key to maintain and expand a relationship.

8. That is a waste of time and money

Some people might not want to spend money on paid dating sites and apps and might argue that it is a waste of time. However, If money and time is the matter, online dating must be a great choice and have more effective, especially for those whose work cannot let them participate in different parties or bar every weekend.


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