LOVE Guru: These 7 Tips Will Make Your First Date Just Perfect!

Sahana Nhi |Aug 19, 2019

You’ve just had a first date with your crush and you are really scared of being silly or snobbish? These 7 tips are here to save you. Just follow them and you will shine like a queen in your date.

First dates can be a nightmare to some people. They make us feel nervous, scared and even vomit sometimes! But unfortunately, we can never skip them.

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Only if you make your first date enough impressive, there will be a second, third or 100th dates! Just follow these 7 tips and you will shine like a queen in your date.

Relax before dating

Before your first dates, please let yourself be in a positive state of mind and overcome your nerves.  Honestly, the most nerve-wracking part of the first date is the time leading up to them. So you should make your preparation step fun and interested.

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Maybe you can call your friends up and pump your hair together or just simply listen to your favorite playlist while preparing. You’ll feel better and look more confident at the beginning of the first date if you let your mind relax well.

Choose your perfect outfit

You might want to wear your perfect outfit on your first date. But in fact, it’s a very hard task to do. There are too many outfits in your closet, and you aren’t really satisfied with them.

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“This one looks like a kid’s outfit, that one will make me look older”, that is what causes to headache and nerves. Just choose the outfit which makes you feel confident and comfortable throughout the night and strike the right balance for your appearance. Like your cutest jeans with a strappy tank, for example.

Make a quick but cool greet

The first impression is very important, in all cases. In this case, you can impress your partner with a quick but cool greet. Although you and your partner texted a lot before going for a date, it’s not easy to say hi for the first time.

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But don’t worry, just keep calm and keep it cool by giving a warm hi or a quick hello hug. If you are more confident, you can also make a joke to relax your partner, it does not only show your confidence but also makes your partner impress and feel calm too!

Keep the conversation uninterrupted

Don’t make your first date become a job interview. You guys may want to gain your partner’s information as much as possible, but keep asking questions back and forth isn’t a good way to make the conversation become fun.

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Just choose a few from your question list and try to discuss your partner’s answer. For example, your partner says that he or she likes pop music, start to discuss his or her favorite singers, bands or songs. Let the conversation build from the information you give each other!

Ask to split the bill

When the bill comes, offering to split it will help you get a good impression with your partner, especially when you are a girl. But if your partner insists on paying, don’t feel shy or awkward when you ask your partner the food he or she orders.

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It’s just a normal question to help you choose something which has the same price if you’re not sure how much food to order. Remember to thank him or her, suggest to have another date and treat them on this next date.

Let them know you want to go out again

At the end of your first date, if you want to see your partner again, just let them know. You can suggest directly like: “You’re funny. Can I see you next time?” or give clues.

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For example, if you two talk about Nintendo video games, you can say: “I look forward to playing games with you, when can we play them together?”

If you want a kiss, let your partner know

There's nothing says you have to kiss on your first date, even when your partner pays for the meal. But if you really like your partner and want to kiss them at the end of the date, you can linger a little or lightly touch his or her arms.

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That’s the signal which shows you are open for a goodnight kiss. It’s wonderful if your partner understands and kiss you. But if not, don’t be sad, you can have it on your next dates.


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