7 Signs It's Time To Give Up Your Crush And Move On From This Relationship

Bindhiya Nhi |Oct 17, 2019

Having a crush is cute and sweet. However, if you notice these 7 red flags, you know that this relationship will be doomed from the start.

Having a crush is always sweet and cute in the beginning. If your feelings are reciprocated, it will become the best thing ever. Unfortunately, once you do not see any growth, you start to wonder if your relationship is going nowhere.

You can only cling to your hope this relationship is worth holding on to. However, sometimes you need to move on as soon as possible or else you will feel painful.

Scroll down for 7 clear signs that you need to give up your crush before it is too late.

They Have One Foot Out Of The Door

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You notice that your crush always sticks to their phone when hanging out, checking a dating app or talking about some other attractive people. It does not mean that they do not have a feeling for you.

Sadly, they are also having one foot out of the door in this relationship, looking for other fishes in the sea. You are not their possible "only one", so do not waste your time and energy.

They Never Call You First

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Some people do not call or text simply because they do not enjoy doing so in general. Nevertheless, if you always initiate the conversation, send a hello text or call them first, you should move on. It seems like your crush is not that interested in taking the next step, only loving how you have to chase them in this relationship.

Someone who truly likes you will make a great effort to call or text you even if they are busy.

They Cancel Your Plans

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You want to make a good impression on your crush, investing your time and money in many plans. You invite them out for a coffee or a movie, but all your plans end up being cancelled.

Your crush always has a reason to turn down your offer because they are not into you that much. You should walk away because they are no longer worth your feelings.

They Make It Complicated

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If you find this situation quite complicated, you know that you should forget your crush. They do not give you the love, attention, and commitment that you are secretly looking for. Liking them makes you feel like walking in a maze without an escape.

When you are lost in your own relationship, you need to free yourself and find someone who can fulfill your wishes.

Your Friends Give You A Stop Sign

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Your friends only want you to be happy. When you tell them about your crush, your besties can give you a green light when they think your crush is worth it.

However, if they are being objective and stop you from making a move, it means that they can notice the underlying problems. Reflect on your relationship instead of arguing with your friends.

They Play Hard To Get

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Some people love to play hard to get as it is an effective way to attract and build a strong interest in others. But then you realize that your crush makes it too "hard", failing to give you enough attention despite all your efforts.

If someone falls for you, they will show their honest feelings without playing these exhausting mind games.

You Feel Like You Are Not Worth It

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It is natural to feel bitter when your crush does not like you back. However, if you start to wonder whether or not you are worthy of their love, this relationship will be doomed.

We all know that you have to love yourself before you even get into a relationship with someone else. If you do not have a great deal of self-love when it comes to your crush, it is merely a red flag.


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