Small Lies Are Not Small: 7 Seemingly Harmless Lies That Can Sabotage Your Relationship

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 22, 2019

Trust is one of the key factors of a successful relationship. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, stop telling your partner these 7 lies.

Trust is the key ingredient in any relationship as it gives you a strong basis as a couple. When you tell your partner the truth, it means that you respect them and vice versa. However, as the truth might hurt, you tend to tell little white lies instead, hoping that it can keep you from larger issues.

Remember that small lies are not small. Even the most harmless lie can sabotage your love life. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, stop telling your partner these seven little lies.

"I Do Not Contact My Ex"

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It does not matter whether you still contact your ex or not, but do you lie to your partner about that? Lying about your ex can cause big trouble. Even if you just happen to talk with your ex, your partner still wants to hear the truth from you. Do not try to hide it in the first place, it can raise your partner suspicion.

"I Am Fine"

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Sometimes you do not have the energy to fight, and you eventually tell your partner that "I am fine, do not worry." In fact, you are only suppressing your honest feelings. Saying OK never solves the problems, and holding grudges can be a kiss of death in a relationship.

"We Are Just Friends, We Are Not Flirting"

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You start to have a feeling for someone else at work or in your friend circle. When you flirt a bit too much and your partner happens to find out, you are likely to say: "We are just friends." A couple should never lie about growing attractions to someone else. You have to be honest with your partner, even if it is just a small crush.

"My Salary Is High Enough"

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You might brag about your salary at first to leave a good impression on your partner. However, white lies about finances can damage your relationship in the long run. If you are in a weak financial condition, share it with your partner and do not struggle on your own.

"I Like It, Too"

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Many people lie about their hobbies just to impress their partner. If your partners like a singer, or a movie, you want to make them happy by saying "I also like it." This white lie is not a big deal, but you cannot pretend to like what you dislike forever. Your partner is likely not to judge you for having different interests, do not worry.

"It Is Your Fault"

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Playing the blame game is the fastest way to destroy a relationship. You might have already realized your mistake, but you keep lying to your partner that it was their fault. At this point, blaming can even trigger your partner's anxiety and shame. You should stop telling lies and learn how to take on the responsibilities instead.


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