6 Things You Can Do To Show Your Affection Instead Of Saying "I Love You"

Ariana Linh |Sep 16, 2019

Sometimes, actions speak louder than words and merely saying "I love you" just won't cut it. Here are small ways we can show our love for each other without actually saying the 3 magic words.

"I love you". A phrase so simple to say, yet it contains so much powerful emotion. Either saying these words or hearing them from your beloved, is a feeling like no other. However, sometimes actions can speak louder than a word, and just saying "I love you" just won't cut it.

Couples also express love through a variety of everyday actions - a touch, a gesture of kindness or generosity, a thoughtful act. Here are small ways we can show our love for each other without actually saying the 3 magic words.

Give them your support

Love Supp
Stick with them during hard times. Source: onlyyouforever.com

This is pretty much without saying. A supporting partner is one who's willing to always give their positive encouragement to his/her beloved. You should always be there for them to cheer them up when they are down and praise them for their achievements. As long as they know you're there, they don't need to hear "I love you" to know it.

See past their flaws

Couple Shot Compressed
Nobody's perfect, but you may have found the perfect person for you. Source: yogajournal.com

Nobody's perfect, and neither are you and your partner. But, you are still in a relationship with one another despite these shortcomings, and that's an amazing feat. Looking past their mistakes and flaws is an important step in any long-term love because it shows you are into them for who they are.

Learn things together

Love Cook Compressed
The process of learning a skill like cooking will bring you closer together. Source: youworkforthem.com

As we've said, a good lover would always be willing to help you if the need comes. Sometimes, this means he will teach you a new skill, or you can learn something together. For example, if your boyfriend is a great cook, learn from him how to make his favourite meals.

You may fail, but it's the time spent together that's truly important for a relationship. Bonus fact: I don't know about you, but I love seeing my man shows off his talents. Let him shine in his element, and you might just find your man all the more attractive.

Write love notes

Love Note
A small note like this can mean the world to someone. Source: zoosk.com

Yes, we're no longer high school students. However, as cliche, as it is, leaving a small piece of paper with "I miss you" or "I love you" will give him a surprise and immediately put a smile on his face. You wouldn't believe it, but something as simple as this is an amazing way to show affection and appreciation towards your significant other.

Help with the chores

Love Laundry Compressed
Just helping with the laundry can really show them how much you care. Source: youworkforthem.com

After a long and stressful day, you probably wouldn't want to touch the laundry or mop the floor. But have you ever thought that your partner is just as exhausted as you are? The simple task of pitching in and do the dishes or vacuum the rug can go a really long way, especially when they didn't even ask you to do it.

Helping out is a form of appreciation far surpass the empty "I love you". If you're not living with one another, prepare a meal or their favourite drink, and they will think the world of you.


Love Com
A healthy relationship requires compromises from both parties. Source: lovewithclarity.com

Who doesn't love getting what they want? However, a relationship requires a lot of responsibilities, and the willingness to compromise will be one of the biggest tasks you have to undergo. There is a difference between compromise and sacrifice. Sacrifice means one has to give their all, and that's not how love works.

A compromise, however, means both of you have a common goal and are ready to work for it together. This, in turn, nurtures a healthy relationship where the two parties are sharing the burden of life while developing an understanding of each other.


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