Love Guru: 6 Straight Forward Yet Effective Phrases To Rekindle Your Love

Ariana Linh |Aug 09, 2019

Long-term relationships need a lot of effort from both sides to maintain. However, not always would the big gestures work. Practice these simple phrases, and you can keep the love alive, maybe until the end of time.

A new relationship can be quite exciting. Emotions come so easily and naturally at those first stages of love, and both of you always seem so happy. The cliche "I love you" just come out so instinctively, and each time you say that phrase, you feel like it's true.

Never in your life would you expect that later on, it actually takes a little work to maintain and support those same feelings. As soon as reality sets in, and your relationship has been truly tested by hardship and time, you find that saying loving things toward each other takes a bit more effort. But don't sweat it, as long as you are willing to put in the work, you can keep the love alive, maybe until the end of time.

Here are 6 straight forward yet effective phrases to rekindle your love. If you and your partner have weathered the storms of life together, and you want to maintain a long-lasting relationship, check these out. Practice them like a mantra, and your love will feel good as new.

You Look Amazing


Time flies and the person you once love will age. No one can escape growing old, but everyone still wants to feel desired. By saying "You Look Amazing", you are reinforcing that you love your partner both emotionally and physically. Say this phrase when appropriate, and your partner will always feel younger and adored.

Thank You


It's unlikely that there are two other words that are so simple, yet have such a strong meaning in a relationship. Too often the long-term couple would forget to appreciate each other, and they start taking one another for granted with the hardship of life. However, the lack of gratitude can kill love really quickly, so remember to always take the time to say "Thanks." Acknowledge the one who matters the most to you.

I Forgive You

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Mistakes happen. And fights are inevitable in a couple's life. You can both be hurt, but you should never let that feeling control you. Knowing when to forgive your significant other will decide how your relationship will turn out in the future. Even as grown-ups, a word of forgiveness can mean a lot, especially when someone is at fault.

Everything Will Be Ok

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For the many inevitabilities of love, going through hardship is the most prominent. For a love to stay, it needs to be tested. Be it financial difficulties, health issues lost of a loved one,... something will happen. And in the face of difficulties, it's godsent to have your lover by your side to reassure and comfort you. "Things will be OK" or phrases of the same meaning show not only your support but also your reliability.

Sure, No Problem


Sometimes, your soulmate would ask you to do things you just don't want to do. Sometimes, there are more things you would rather do. But if it's important to your beloved, then telling him that you're an onboard show that you care about his opinion, dreams, and desires. And they matter just as much as yours. It's like saying "I'll always back you up, whatever you choose to do."

How Can I Help


A family means everyone needs to pull their own weight around the house. But sharing is caring, and if you ever have the chance to lessen your lover's burden, do it. Offering to help makes him/her feel loved, and even the smallest of gesture counts. So the next time you see your beloved drown in work, help him out with the little things, like washing the dishes or hanging the clothes.


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