Unhealthy Relationship: 6 Romantic Gestures Turn Out To Be Major Red Flags In Love

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 13, 2019

Keep your feet on the ground. These romantic gestures can make your day, but they can turn out to be the warning signs of your relationship.

People are all seeking a partner who is attentive, caring, and committed. Thus, you quickly fall for someone who knows how to make your day with several romantic gestures. However, according to experts, there is always a fine line between sweet gestures and toxic behaviors when it comes to love.

Behind those romantic moves, your partner could also cover up some of their serious flaws. Be careful; these things can sabotage your relationship even before you realize it.

Scroll down to find out six apparently-romantic gestures which might turn out to be some nasty red flags.

Paying You Visits Unexpectedly

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You will see this in almost every chick flick: Your partner will casually drop by at your work to bring you food or coffee. At night, they are likely to come over to your house merely to say hello. This gesture sounds romantic at first, but later it turns out to be a way of invading your privacy.

They might reason that they only want to spend all their time with you. However, your partner is genuinely engaged in possessive and controlling behaviors. Honestly, who would want to be in a relationship with a control freak who dominates your schedule?

Becoming Over-protective

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Jealousy is a normal response to any threat in the relationship. If you truly love someone, you always want to protect them and keep them by your side. However, it does not mean that your partner can pry into your phone or social media accounts. They should not even make you stay away from your friends either just because they feel insecure.

Although they only do that because they love you, being over-protective is merely an unhealthy form of jealousy. We all know that possessive relationships only leads to unhappiness, anxiety, and anger.

Always Seeking Comfort From You

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Being quite supportive, you are more than willing to sit and listen to your partner when they are having an awful day. The trouble only begins when they start to treat to like an emotional dump ground. They merely feel the need to let it all out, dumping all their unnecessary emotions on you.

There is nothing wrong showing your partner that you always have their back. Nevertheless, remember that you are not their emotional outlet. You should set some boundaries in your relationship, letting them know that you cannot handle all of their dramatic stories.

Professing Love Very Early

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Your ex had problems with expressing their love to you. Thus, when you finally meet a partner who confidently and quickly declares, "I love you," it sounds like a blessing. However, experts point out that this is merely a red flag, indicating a method of love bombing. Your partner is likely to rush into this love without taking time to appreciate the real you.

You need to watch out for a partner who let the three magic words slip out of their mouth too quickly. There is no guarantee that the person will stick around when the fun phase is over. Slow down, take your time, and be alert.

Showering You With Gifts After Fighting

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We all find ourselves fighting and arguing with our partner. What truly matters is the way we try to make up after a fight. It is sweet when your partner comes back with a bouquet to bring back a smile on your face. However, if they continuously shower you with gifts after every fight, it is a red flag.

They are likely to use gifts to avoid dealing with the underlying emotional issues. This act is genuinely an unhealthy resolution which gradually sabotages your relationship. If your partner uses gifts to cover up their problems, there are chances that both of you will face the same issues again and again.

You Always Put Them First

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When you fall in love, you want to spend 24/7 with your partner. The problem arises when you make many compromises to make this relationship work. You give up things that you love and participate in all your partner's interests. You are giving away too much, but your partner might only be a taker.

At this point, you merely put your partner before yourself, which is a huge warning sign. You will lose yourself if you continuously invest all your time and effort into another person. A healthy relationship is all about the give-and-take balance.


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