6 Early Warning Signs You Are Trapped In A Toxic Relationship

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 15, 2019

Do not let toxicity ruin your happiness. If you are looking for warning signs of a toxic relationship, make sure to check out our list.

No relationship is perfect, but some are mentally and emotionally damaging. A toxic relationship is defined by the qualities of fear, domination, and deception. The longer it lasts, the more ups and downs you will experience.

Just because you are trying to be a kind person does not mean that you need to devote energy to a toxic partner. You are not weak if you decide to let go of someone who is poisoning your happiness and self-esteem.

Keep reading to learn about the six major red flags you are trapped in a toxic relationship.

Cold Violence

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Contempt is the biggest red flag of a toxic relationship as its presence can instantly pour acid on love. You should take a good look at how your partner often treats you. Do they talk behind your back with their friends? Or they make fun of you in front of other people? At home, do they love to criticize you even with the smallest things?

All these violence acts indicate that respect in the relationship is gone. Your partner only makes you feel like a horrible person, causing you to feel shame and isolated.


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Bonding with your partner is a natural part of falling in love. However, getting over attached might cross the boundaries of a healthy relationship. If either of you tries to seek the entire focus of the other's mind, body, and soul, it means that you are immersed in a spell of an obsessive relationship.

Obsession is another big warning sign of toxicity because it causes nothing but pain. A healthy relationship should be built on mutual trust and respect. Remember that there is always a fine line between true love and obsession.

Cruel Words

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When it comes to a toxic relationship, nothing gets worked through because every conflict ends in an argument. Are you verbally abused by sarcastic comments or hurtful jokes? Do both of you try to attack each other by yelling, shaming, or judging?

One cannot help but say bad words because they are angry. However, those cruel threats and statements are likely to indicate disrespect and contempt. If both of you continuously raise your voices in every argument and try to hurt each other with awful words, you are indeed in a toxic relationship.

Physical Abuse

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Physical abuse in a relationship starts gradually, such as with a push or a slap, but then it became more intense over time. Besides being the visible red flag of toxicity, physical violence is even illegal.

An abuser is likely to blame the victim for saying or doing something that caused their violent behavior. If you have suffered physical abuse, do not try to blame yourself. A healthy relationship has no place for physical pain.

No Freedom

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Everyone deserves some level of privacy and freedom. However, a toxic partner makes you feel like you need to have their permission before doing anything. They spy on you, actively distrusts you, and make you feel miserable when things do not go their way.

Whether controlling behavior leads to severe emotional or physical abuse or not, it is a sign of a toxic relationship. As an adult, you do not always need supervision, especially from your partner. A healthy relationship is where you both grow and live freely.

Mixed Signals

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Communication is key to a successful relationship. Thus, how can you ever get to that point if your partner keeps sending you mixed signals? They tell you they need space, then later text you all day long. They do not want you to date other people, but they keep on flirting around.

Eventually, these mixed messages bring only a new layer of stress and frustration to a relationship. Do not hold on tight to the positive things and let your partner ruin your world. If you cannot find common ground in communication, it might be time to move on.


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