5 Ways To Survive A Toxic Relationship Before It Ruins Your Life

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 07, 2019

Are you in a toxic relationship? Do not let it steal your happiness and ruin your life by trying our five best ways to survive these painful experiences.

As falling in love is the most beautiful feeling in this world, letting it go is likely the most challenging thing to do. Even if you know that you are in a toxic relationship, you still cannot get over it. Those relationships are loveless and dangerous, but they are the hardest ones to walk away.

When you realize that the presence of your lover in your life is genuinely toxic, you should take care of yourself more because you only have one life to live. It requires time and careful thoughts, but never let those painful experiences steal your happiness.

Scroll down for five best ways to survive a toxic relationship before it ruins your life.

Detox Yourself

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You always give your undivided attention to your partner's demands, putting them ahead of you. It is difficult to love yourself when the toxicity began to chip away at your sense of self-esteem. Do not invest your time into a flawed relationship, trying to detox yourself instead.

You can start from meditating, working out or reading several self-help books to pursue self-growth. Spend a few minutes to repeat some self-love affirmations to overcome self-doubt. Most importantly, pack your life with optimistic and kind people.

Do Not Blame Yourself

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Your toxic partner has a way to manipulate and make you feel sorry for them. When things seem to go wrong, you are likely to see yourself as the problem. Once you do not feel happier being with them, you tend to beat up yourself instead.

When it comes to love, you sometimes end up making bad decisions, but all faults are not yours. Do not take this relationship as your failure and stop self-blaming. Raise your self-esteem is the best way to survive this painful love.

Get Help

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You are likely to deal with your problems alone because you are too ashamed to tell anyone about it. You are afraid that people might judge you and laugh at you. However, even the strongest people need help when they are stuck in a toxic relationship.

Get help from someone who can support and give you some useful pieces of advice. If you want to gain knowledge on the way to handle this, reach out to a coach or therapist who is a specialist in relationships.

Moreover, you can count on your friends or family members either. They can sympathize and assist you in the healing process.

Let It Go

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The act of letting go is never a simple part, but eventually, it is the best way to solve every problem in a sad love story. You have been in a toxic relationship for too long that stepping out again into this world can feel overwhelming. It's put down the mask that you have been wearing to survive.

When you have already tried everything, but things are likely to get worse, do not hold yourself back anymore. Find a way to escape from these painful experiences and head for a new start. Leaving might sound impossible, but you can do it because the choice is all yours.

Believe In Yourself

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You have to deal with conflicts, instability, and erratic behavior every single day. At this point, you might wonder if you can ever feel happy again or find someone better. You are even afraid of being alone because you are likely to depend on your toxic partner too much.

However, being alone is much better than having your dignity and self-respect compromised. You have to believe in yourself and think positive. Remind yourself that you always deserve to have the best things in life, such as being loved by a thoughtful and caring partner.


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