5 Useful Tips To End A Relationship In A Healthy Way And Without Hurting

Priyansh Ha |Aug 18, 2019

In case you are sure when breaking up with a long-time partner and you don’t want to ruin your image, here are tips for you.

Breaking up with someone you’ve been madly in love is never easy. Your split could be depressingly awful, especially when you are the one to be dumped.

On the other hand, sometimes it's hard to be the "breaker upper". Your train of thoughts will be full of questions wondering whether your decision is right or not? What should you’ve done, and what is your next move?

In case you are sure when breaking up with a long-time partner and you don’t want to ruin your image, here are a few tips for you.

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Be Honest

Most of us want to split with some who is no longer share common needs, values, outlook, and passions. That’s the reason why you should frankly open up about things you no longer feel, want to do or go through in your relationship.

You can put them on a list so that everything will be evident between the two of you. Afterward, you should put on the list of things that you want and envision the future.

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Leave Happy Memories Behind

Keep going back to the good old days when being heads over heels in love only makes it harder to be ultimately decisive. Remember to stay away from that condition if you want to break up with someone.

Instead of reminiscing happy memories, you should focus on five unfavorable things of your relationship. Don’t forget what you’ve heard, seen, and felt during those moments.

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Be Determined

A break up can be extremely devastating not only for those who are left behind but also for those who proactively say goodbye. Though the two are parted, remember to respect your ex, be kind to the one you used to love.

However, do not cross the boundaries because if you are not strict to it, everything would be unclear. That’s the moment when your ex can receive wrong signals and hold on to a hopeless relationship.

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Find Out How Much It Worths

You are the one to decide how much your partner mean to you. Keep asking the question whether it worths to spend time with your partner will help you make up your mind. 

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It's Time To Move On

Adopting an optimistic mindset helps you so much when getting through a breakup. You can become much more relax and even excited to think about everything you are now free to do. Your thoughts today decide what your next day is going to be. 


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