Your Boyfriend Is Trying To Change You? Here Are 5 Things He Is Not Allowed To Do

Priyansh Ha |Oct 08, 2019

Even when you feel like you can absolutely do anything for the one you love, there are a few things about you that shouldn't be changed by anyone. 

Love has the power of changing your world and even yourself, from your appearance to your personality. However, even when you feel like you can absolutely do anything for the one you love, there are a few things about you that shouldn't be changed by anyone.

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1. Your Dreams

Being supportive and encouraging to each other is the key point to maintain a healthy relationship. Dreams are something so precious that your other half should put you toward instead of keeping you away from them. When the person you are dating attempts to talk you out of your dreams, you should really reconsider your relationship.

Whether your boyfriend does it because he wants to have more time together or to declares his dominant position in your relationship, this is extremely toxic. Remember that achieving both career and relationship goals are totally possible. It’s unnecessary to trade off one for the other.

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2. Your Friends

If your boyfriend is the one to help you out of toxic friendship, then the answer is an absolute yes. However, it turns wrong when he pulls your friends away from your life just because he doesn’t like them for some personal reasons. In that case, make sure you don’t let him manipulate your viewpoints on your friends.

Make sure you are in control of your decisions without being dragged down by his opinions. When it comes to friendships that have lasted forever, do not sell them cheap for some guys you just have got together for a while.

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3. Your Moral Values

Peer pressure shouldn’t be something you should yield to, even if it is from your loving one. This is how things work in a healthy relationship: respect your girlfriend equals respect her boundaries.

Drinking, smoking or having sex at an early stage without being on the same page with these ideas is completely unhealthy. Especially you are doing those things just to make your man feel comfortable.

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4. Your Hobbies

When boyfriend looks down on things you enjoy doing or call them child-plays, you know it’s time you rethink about spending time with him. Don’t you ever have the idea of becoming someone else just because he wants you to?

Basically, he is not your Mr. Right if he doesn’t know how to appreciate your personality including your hobbies. The right one will respect what you like even when you two do not share a common interest.

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5. Your Vision

A love that makes you give up your dream life will only drag you down. It doesn’t prove anything when the two of you want to go separate way but try to hold back dreams for each other. It only shows that both of you are hopelessly struggling and hold on to a corrupting relationship. It’s not only unfair for you but for him either.


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