Don't Be Blind In Love! 5 Signs Showing Your Relationship Is Not Going To Last

Salena Harshini |Jun 18, 2019

Pay attention to these signs right from the beginning of your love journey, you will know whether to continue the relationship you have.

People always say "Love is blind" because falling in love means we can hardly control our hearts and minds. We can get rid of every old rule to which we have always been obeying, just for that person.

Fall In Love Compressed

It is for that reason that sometimes, we have to undergo these harms we do not deserve. The advice for you is to take notice and consider every aspect of your relationship right when it begins when you have not become too emotionally attached, and the mind is still lucid.

You immediately assume that you have found your significant other


There are people who could die for love. Instantly after the first date, they think the person they meet is the one they have been longing for, just to find out then that the truth is not so bright. The initial feelings are often momentary. Calm your heart and look into everything with a clearer mind. Simultaneously, you should take the time to get to know more about the person you like.

You idealize them. In your eyes, they are beyond perfect

You Perfect

When you start a relationship, remember that listening is usually more important than saying out loud what you think. Listen carefully to what they say. There are signs and habits which, though small, can help you realize that actually, they are not as perfect as you thought.

You have the tendency of abandoning your friends because of the person

Broken Friendship

Never leave your friends for love. When we have a new lover, they usually sweep us off our feet. Every single thing in our life suddenly revolves only around them.

Even when hanging out with friends, you only want to talk about that person and your romance. However, please don’t forget that no matter how close you and your friends are, no one wants to constantly hear about some strange guy all day long, while what your friends want is only to spend time with you.

On another hand, you can consider introducing your partner to the people you love, chances are they will notice some not-so-cool aspect of him or her that you don’t know, or you know but deliberately ignore it.

You blindly ignore every alarming signal


In fact, any possible betrayal, any rift is signaled. The only problem is whether you pay attention to it or not. When your intuition hinting something is wrong, don’t neglect it just because you adore your partner. Look carefully into it or be frank with them.

You find ways to justify the wrong behavior of the person

Mad Couple Compressed

When we love someone, we want to believe that our lover is the most perfect. That is why sometimes even if they make mistakes, you will think of overlooking them. Otherwise, you find all the excuses to plead for them. It may help them stay intact in your heart, but the nature of the person will not change. Most likely, you will end up hurting yourself when you have become too blind for love.


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