Lucky Physical Features Of A Girl That Bring Wealth To Her Husband

Hanima Anand |Mar 16, 2020

When it’s hard to judge a girl’s personality through a quickly meeting between two families, now you can tell whether that woman can bring wealth and luck to husband with these physical features which are very easy to spot.

In India, to arrange a matching marriage, the boy’s family must use every resource to check the girl’s background as well as her personalities. However, things are not that easy when the two families only have a quick meeting and the potential bride only shares a few words. So how does one know if the girl in front has lucky physical features or not?

That’s when physical traits such as face or neck come into use with easily recognized features to tell whether a girl will bring luck and wealth to her husband or not.

Mole On Indian Woman Face
Just by looking at the woman face, you can tell is she brings luck to her family!

According to Bhava Kautuhalam's author, lucky or unlucky features on women indicate their karma in the previous births. Those who performed noble deeds will be blessed with lucky features and vice versa.

No more waiting, now, let’s come to the desirable physical features of women that bring luck and wealth to their husbands!

1. Forehead

A girl of good fortune, health and happiness for either herself or her families is the one with a mole (a natural dot) above her nose bridge. This girl will bring prosperity to her husband, sons or even servants.

If her forehead has bent eyelids in the shape of half moon, elevated by three anguls (finger width), that’s the perfect wife you should look for!

2. Eye colour and eyelids

According to astrology, women with honey-coloured eyes will bring happiness and wealth to her husband and family.

Priyanka Chopra Honey Brown Eyes
Find a girl with honey brown eyes like Priyanka!

Meanwhile, soft and black eyelids are the signal of fortune and respect. A girl with these features gets respect from her husband and others for happiness she brings.

3. Ears

You will want to marry a girl with long, circular or roundish ears. This auspicious feature will definitely bring joy to your life and wealth to your hand.

4. Nose

First, pay attention to her nose shape.

Alia Bhatt Face
The two nose holes of your wife should be small and even.

The nose holes should be small, even and circular while a red mole or small dot on the forepart of the nose is a sign of fortune.

5. Lips

Don’t just go for the sexy lips but consider its signs of fortune as well! Women with roundish and red lips are your targets now. You should also notice the lines on their lips, which predicts a source of wealth in the future!

Suhana Khan With Red Lips
Believe me! This girl with red full and roundish lips will bring you a fortune!

6. Teeth

Okay this requires more details and close attention. You may need to ask if she has thirty two teeth to be exact while scanning for her jaws whether they are even or not. Also, small and bright teeth are important features, too.

7. Chin

An auspicious chin is the one without soft hair. It should be thick but soft as well.

Any woman with this chin can bring money and generosity to her family.

8. Neck

Now we come to her neck. Prosperity will come to you if your wife has a round, comely and strong neck. Four anguls in length is also a good sign to know whether she brings luck to her husband.

Disha Patani Neck
Remember! Round, strong neck is your target now!

9. Shoulders

Look for women with soft and short shoulders! They are blessed with sons and abundance of luck. Marrying them means you will get happiness and prosperity in life.

10. Thighs

Well you must notice tactfully or it will go rude. If her thighs are strong and roundish, marry her right away because she will bring great source of wealth to your family!

Deepika Padukone Hot Thigh
We are talking about strong and roundish thighs, guys!

So, that’s ten physical traits of women that bring luck and prosperity to their husbands and often blessed with sons.

Hope these features will be helpful to you while seeing your arranged girl for a few times with insufficient data to conclude her personality.

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