5 Must-Try Models Of Blazer At Office That Can Make You Stand Out

Kanchana Ngan |Apr 09, 2019

You're fed up with wearing casual formal styles to work everyday? Brighten up your office with these easy-to-follow blazer models.

As a white-collar woman, you may be bored with dozens of casual office outfits that look almost the same in your closet. There must be times when you desire to step out of the box and try something new and refreshing. No need to worry! It's a useful tip for you: Wearing a stylish blazer outside your regular attire, and you will see a surprisingly effective result.

However, among a multitude of different models, cape blazers, crop ones, etc. which is best for you? Below we provide a list of most stunning styles worn by prominent Bollywood stars. Take a look and choose your suitable ones.

Cropped blazer

Blazer 1
Source: India TV

Cropped blazers may still be unfamiliar with many girls. However, once you try, there's a high chance you'll be addicted to it. This fashionable item can give you various looks based on how you mix and match. If you combine with a maxi or long dress, you will get a gentle appearance which shows off your whole perfect shape and height. Or wearing with denim, jeans and leather shoes gives you a chic sporty personality.

Cape blazer

Blazer 2
Source: India TV

How royal and luxurious the appearance is right from first sight! Its significance is the transformation from normal sleeves into a cape. There are numerous ways of combination for you to choose, with a crop top or even bodycon dress in case you have a formal event to participate.

Waterfall blazer

Blazer 3
Source: India TV

As stylish and elegant this blazer is compared to the style above. The waterfall form has the power to soften your appearance but can remain the fashion sense in it. Special tips given is to try hot and outstanding colour, you will, undoubtedly, steal the spotlight wherever you are.

Coloured blazer

Blazer 4
Source: India TV

As said before, colourful blazers can help you stand out. Just remember to choose shades of colour that suit yourself and be able to show off your colour skin or other body strength.

Printed blazer

Blazer 5
Source: India TV

If you desire to wear a blazer but not to look stiff and be able to show off your gentle appearance instead, a printed blazer is your perfect choice. Particularly floral printed ones are highly recommended. Try it with leather leggings or skinny jeans to see an impressive effect.


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