13 Perfect Wedding Hairstyles For The Short Hair

Alia Thao |Oct 03, 2019

Brides usually want to have long hair to try different styles for their big day. But wedding hairstyles with short hairs can also give them a charming look.

If your style adjusts with a cropped cut, you don't need to worry or lengthen your hair for a more feminine and elegant look. Here are 13 brides-approved wedding hairstyles to make you fabulous for a milestone of your love:

1. Pixie with gemmed headband

A delicate bejeweled headband (or a diamond one, if you want more fancy) will elevate your short hair look tenfold. With this hairstyle, you just need a flawless makeup to shine on the aisle.

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2. Finger waves

This hairstyle is for you if you want to give your short hair a little change. You can also add texture to make your finger waves more stylish. It can be kept in a long time for the honeymoon if you wrap it overnight.

Finger Waves

3. Curly lobs


The lob hair with bouncy and curly texture is one of the favorite wedding hairstyles, which makes the bride more attractive and charming.

4. A single braid

If you want a strong and pretty look, braid a small section of your hair on one side from the part to your ear. You can secure the braid with some metallic barrettes or pins.

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5. Cropped and shaved hair

Growing hair isn't a must for the brides. You can even use the clipper to shave your hair and become edgy for your wedding.

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6. Tinted Ends

If you are confused with too many wedding hairstyles, you can dye the tip of your hair to create a highlight for the classic bridal look. Just pair with a young and fresh approach to the bridal makeup.

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7. Baby buns and mini braids

Although your hair is short, you can still make up it into a few buns with some braids by the hairspray and some bobby pins. 

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8. Flower Crown

Do you want an ethereal look for your special moment? Use the flat iron to make some loose bends to your hair, then secure together with a vibrant flower crown.

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9. A deep side-part

You can try to give your short hair a fresh and different version by slicking it behind one ear and curl the other side. Change your wrist left and right continuously when you use the iron from root to tip.

10. French girl chic

Try to get a bang for your wedding is a good try. This French look is one of the wedding hairstyles that never go out of trends.

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11. Natural-Looking Waves

This bridal look is absolutely a simple - but - spectacular style. Curl the hair with one-inch iron with opposite direction (toward your face then away from your face). Thus your waves will look natural.

12. A sparkly, embellished braid

Add some metal accessories to upgrade your hair look. Just use a mesh chain to French-braid your hair from the top.

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13. Romantic florals and twists

If you want a dreamy hairstyle, try to stick some tiny flower on the updo after twisting some sections of hair, which is known as Lucy Hale’s flower-adorned style. And a crystal necklace is a highlight to fulfill the look.

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