4 Ways To Have Wiser And Healthier Fights With Your Partner

Jasmin Hue |Oct 03, 2019

Argument is unavoidable in any relationship. It can be a chance to get to know more about your partner but can also cause deeper rift to your relationship. Take a look at these 4 ways to fight smarter with your partner.

In every relationship, arguments, smiles, tears, and ups and downs are indispensable parts. Sometimes fight turns out to be an opportunity to understand more about their partner. However, if you do not put them under control, it might become a poison to your relationship. Check out these four wiser ways to argue with your partner.

1. Don’t fight over the trivial things

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If you two bicker over the tiny things, you are wasting your energy, your time and even jeopardize your relationship. If you find that issue does really matter to you and your relationship, then try to discuss and compromise with your partner.

In a bad scenario, your partner refuses to find common agreement on that problem, do not pressure him as it might trigger outrage in both. In this case, try to be flexible and find other ways to deal with them.

2. Give yourself some time to calm down

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When the tension between you two escalates, your anger is burning like a flame, then give yourself and that person space and some time to cool off first. Any words uttered, any actions taken when you are in the climax of anger might be counter-productive.

Find an open space, take a deep breath, do not let the outrage overwhelm you. According to research, it takes on average 40 minutes to get your serenity back. But remember to tell them that you want both of you to have some minutes to think thoroughly before leaving.

3. Don’t be too egotistical

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No one is right all the time, if you see your fault, do not stubbornly deny it. Accepting that you’re wrong does not make you look like a loser. On the contrary, it gives you a chance to learn and paves the way for compromise. If you keep defending to protect your self-respect, it’s likely that it will just make a bigger rift in your relationship.

4. Seek support

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If you cannot find any feasible solution to end this tiring war, maybe asking for help from your mutual friends, the family is a good idea. First, they can mentally support you so that you can release your emotions to get a clearer mind back. More importantly, they can help you to meditate or give you advice from the perspective of an outsider.


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