15 Ways To Become An Attractive Man In The Eyes Of Women

Kaira Immre |Oct 31, 2019

In fact, being an attractive man is not as difficult as you thought before. With 15 golden tips below, all you guys can become the best and the sexiest version of yourselves.

Not all men are born with good looking and charm appearance. Beauty doesn’t depend on only the appearance, it also relies on the way you care for yourself, the kind of people to associate with and how you treat people. Here’re 15 the lesser-known ways for you to become an attractive man in the eyes of women.

Make her laugh

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Women are often attracted to men who can make them laugh. SURE. Because everyone wants his/her partner having a sense of humor. So, if you can master the conversation with some jokes, you’ll become an attractive man and the next date will be possible as you want.

Wear sunglasses

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Hmm...Well, why can the sunglasses make a man more attractive? It’s because they can cover up any facial asymmetry, which helps you hotter. Moreover, when you wear sunglasses, you will look mysterious because your eyes are considered as “the window of the soul” and the center of information. The sunglasses on your face makes women drawn to you.

Get a dog

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Owning a cute dog can make a guy cuter. It’s true. Walking with a dog on the street or park can help you get a woman’s number easily because your cute pet boosts perceptions of kindness, thoughtfulness, and sensitivity.

Be kind

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Engaging in selfless acts such as doing charity or donating blood can make an attractive man. It turns out that selfless people tend to be selfless lovers. And yeah, that’s one piece of evidence that shows nice guys finish first.

Look proud

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A 2011 University of British Columbia study revealed that the most appealing thing when a woman evaluated a man was pride. Therefore, be proud any time, especially when talking to women, which can create wonders for your life.

Smile (but, like, slowly)

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It may sound strange but let a smile spread across his faces slowly can build an attractive man. Also, they’re evaluated to be more trustworthy and own more genuine expressions than the quick-smiling guys. Fascinating!

Well, don’t be too quick to smile. Do it slow if you can.

Grow a beard

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One easy thing you can do to be an attractive man is growing a beard. Because facial hair isn’t a symbol of maturity and masculinity, but also aggression. But, remember let your beard be at the intermediate level is the best.

Wear red

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The color red is known as the color of passion and romance, but a few people find that women are attracted more with a man in red. In fact, the man’s clothing color is impacting on their perceptions of his attractiveness.

Eat more garlic

Garlic? Yes, it’s garlic! Normally, the smell of garlic is often considered as an instant romance killer. But amazingly, a 2016 study published in the academic journal Appetite said that eating garlic somehow affects your body odor. So, don’t be shy and eat garlic now!

Have an entourage

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Obviously, a man can be more attractive when he’s in group. It’s just because viewing faces together can cover up some facial blemishes, which forms hotness for the group.

Show off your scars

The scars can be seen as a sign of heightened masculinity. And this is really true if it’s a result of some kind of trauma after a football or basketball match. This means that you’re healthy, energetic and have good genes, which attracts mate better.

Carry a guitar

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A lot of men go to the gym and get toned but those who can play the guitar are not too many. Owning strong muscles helps you look hotter, but musical ability might contribute to your attractiveness more successfully. SURE.

Have open body gesture

The easiest-to-see sign of an attractive man is owning open body gesture. It means legs spread and arms stretch out. Moreover, a confident man can be seen through how they walk down on the street. Just walk comfortably as if you know where you’re going.

Do volunteer work

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Besides career, woman is also attracted to a man who does volunteer work. It means he’s warm-hearted, trustworthy and successful, which can make your partner infatuated with you.

Take care of your teeth

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Lastly, if you want to be an attractive man, don’t forget to take care of your teeth thoroughly. A bright smile with a nice set of chompers will “a great weapon” to take down any women.


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