How Many Times You Might Fall In Love In Your Life, By Your Zodiac Signs (Part 2)

Bindhiya Nhi |Jun 22, 2019

Some people believe that true love only happens once, while others do not agree with the idea. Possibly, the reason behind this distinction is love resonates differently with each zodiac sign.

As crazy as it seems, they say that a person will be in love with four people during their lifetime. However, when we bring astrology to the matter, it gets even more exciting because love resonates differently with each zodiac sign.

While some signs only want to stick with their "the one," the others believe that true love does not only happen once. Read on to know the number of times that you will genuinely love someone based on your zodiac sign.

Libra: 4 Times

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Libra cannot decide thing right away, even when it comes to love. They need to fall in love for four times before they realize that happiness has been already knocking at their door for years.

For the fifth time, their love will still bloom beautifully, but unfortunately, they do not care about its happy ending anymore.

Scorpio: Numerous Times

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The number of times does not even matter because Scorpio has a genuinely intense and passionate heart. Once they fall in love, they are more than willing to do anything for their partner. They will remain stable and loyal through any relationship highs and lows as they experience love intensely.

However, a Scorpio is either all in or all out. They will heartlessly burn the relationship bridge if you break their trust.

Sagittarius: Unknown

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As being in a committed relationship goes against Sagittarius’ nature, "true love" might not be in their vocabulary for even once. A Sagittarius enjoys flirtation and dates, but when things become a little serious and grown-up, they tend to run away.

In conclusion, they think that nobody is worth their time and their efforts, and investing in a relationship just become impossible for them.

Capricorn: 2.5 Times

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Capricorn is the most traditional zodiac sign. They are strict about following the rules of romance even if those rules are made up. It should come as no surprise as they are all genuine lovers and do not also hesitate to lock things down when they know everything is right.

However, first love still matters to them, although it is a good or bad relationship. After the first time, a Capricorn will no longer love someone with all their heart again.

Aquarius: 3 Times

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For an Aquarius, being in a relationship means a deep connection with their partner's mind with frequent intellectual conversations. Without these honest feelings, love simply no longer exists for them.

It is never easy to win their heart, but do not worry much as they always try their best to return your favor at the same time. An Aquarius will experience three kinds of love during their lifetime: A vague first love, a genuine second love, and down-to-earth third love.

Pisces: 1.5 Times

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Since the day they were young, the thought of being in love with the right person is like a fairytale come true for a Pisces. If things do not work out, they are sacrificial to the point of neglecting their own needs as long as they feel safe in their relationship.

However, being hurt in love for once is more than enough for a Pisces. They might be a real romantic streak, but do not expect them to love the second person as passionate as their first love.


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