11 Signals Prove Existence Of Genuine Love In A Long-Distance Relationship

Kaira Immre |Oct 07, 2019

You’re in a long-distance relationship and can’t know for sure if it may work forever or not. No one can predict the future; however, eleven signs of love below can help you see if yours is likely to succeed or not.

When you start a long-distance relationship, there will inevitably have difficulties to overcome. How well and everlasting a long-distance relationship works depends entirely on both of you. If you genuinely love each other, you will make a great effort to gain incredible results in your relationship as your desire.

This article will bring you eleven signs of true love's existence in a long-distance relationship.

They trust you

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There is no jealousy or suspicion in your relationship because he/she always believes you, even when you’re in a long-distance relationship. They won’t feel worried about what you’re doing or where you’re. It’s just because they know you can protect yourself from temptation in life.

If someone truly loves the significant other, they will choose trust over suspicion!

They share long-term goals with you

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Like any other regular relationships, those in the long-distance relationship need to discuss and share long-term plans. You’ll see that you’re truly loved if they put you in their future goals.

Once the relationship reaches a higher intimacy, you can talk about where you’re living, how your house is decorated, or even what you plan for the wedding day. Share the plans with your partner will help promote your love effectively. Sure!

They’ll take every chance merely to be with you

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Nothing can separate both of you! If there is the existence of true love in your relationship, your other half is willing to travel thousands of kilometers or make efforts to save money to have a two-hour conversation or to see a glimpse of you.

They do everything to see you safely and hug you in their arms, even just last in a short time. If someone doesn’t love you deeply, they won’t make efforts like that.

They are unafraid and open

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They’re willing to share their password of every social account with you. Why? It’s just because they have nothing to hide. And more importantly, they know that it will make you feel safer and more secure about them and the long-distance relationship.

They never act as they’re single

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A faithful partner will never behave as if he/she is alone, even if you’re not there. For instance, when a co-worker or an attractive and sexy stranger flirts them, they will politely refuse and say they’re in a close relationship. You can trust them because they know when to say no.

They respect all the decisions you made without them

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Because they trust you, they also respect and support any decisions you made. Even if they don’t understand the reasons why you did that, they are still by your side and encourage whatever you want to do. Respecting and supporting the partner is also one of the critical things to keep a long-distance relationship last forever.

They frequently express their sincere love to you

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They are thousands of miles away from you; therefore, they will surely do everything to help you feel like they’re always by your side. They will chat, text, Skype, or do all the things through the social network to make sure that you feel loved every day.

They give you space

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Independence is also an essential element in every relationship; the long-distance one is also no exception. They will never let you feel as if you are in prison with the commitment because they understand that your life doesn’t rotate around them.

They sincerely listen

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Being in a long-distance relationship means that you and your partner can’t show a lot of intimacy and touch. Therefore, genuinely listening and profoundly understanding each other becomes more critical factors than ever.

They are certainly on the other end of the line to hear your daily stories, including happiness, stress, or others, without complaint.

They never make excuses

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A faithful partner will never give lame excuses for their unfulfilled promises. Sometimes, reasonable apologies are still accepted, but it’s a real problem in case they’re too plentiful and frequent. If you see your partner make up too many ridiculous reasons, it’s time to think about his loyalty.

They tell their family about you

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Maybe you haven’t had a chance to meet your lover’s family because you’re in a long-distance relationship. However, your partner can tell their family and relatives all about you. It is a visible sign that they truly love you and want to have you in their life.


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