10 Things Your Husband Secretly Wants From A Wife But He Isn't Telling You

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 08, 2019

Men loves sex, but it does not mean that is all they need in a relationship. Your husband might want more from you, though he might not how to ask for it.

Your husband wants to have sex with you because it plays a pivotal role in every man's life. However, marriage is not all about sexual desires. He also has other things that he really needs from you, but he is just afraid to ask for them or may not know how to do it.

While your needs are important in a relationship, you should care about your spouse's needs either. Here are 10 things that your husband secretly wants but he is not telling you.

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Your husband wants more physical affection from you - and not just sex. He might not say it directly, but he craves for it from the bottom of his heart. You can go ahead and shower him with love, such as walking together hand in hand, giving him an unexpected kiss on the lips, or simply telling him how much you adore him.


Your man is not always going to do right in his life. When he has a rough day, he hopes that you can be a supportive wife, believing in his talents and his decisions. You can stand up for your husband when he feels the world is against him. Nothing is more meaningful than your encouragement.

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Your man feels more secure when he knows that you can "get" him. Generally, creating a balance between a logical man and an emotional woman might be difficult. Try talking together every day, asking and answering positive questions to understand your spouse more.

Appreciation And Compliments

If you marry the "right one", then your husband is trying his best for you and your life. He just secretly wishes that you acknowledge his efforts. You should remember to give him compliments. Let him know that you appreciate what he has done and that you are always proud of him.

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Your husband hopes that you can love him for who he is. He knows that he has his fair share of shortcomings, but he does not want his wife to change it. If his bad trait is not a matter of concern, try to accept your husband's imperfect side.

Talk Less

It comes as no surprise that the woman is likely to be more talkative. However, if your husband feels exhausted after a long day at work, the last thing he wants to do is chatting. Communication is essential, but if your man is busy, you should not push him.

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Every healthy relationship has to be built on a foundation of mutual respect. You should not make negative comments on your man's opinions because he loves to be respected. Remember that every man hates how his wife tries to interrupt when he is talking.


Being in a relationship does not mean that both of you need to give up your individuality. Your husband might need to be alone sometime, enjoying his freedom every once in a while. When he asks for space, he hopes that you can respect his needs and give it to him.

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Your husband hopes that his wife can trust him. You might feel insecure sometimes, but try to be honest and communicate with him to clear your doubts. After all, he does not marry a spy. No one loves to be in a relationship with someone who always looks over his shoulder to ensure his fidelity.


Apart from being his wife, your husband wishes that you could also be his friend. He is going to need your companionship at the end of the day. You can start by doing simple things such as making quality time for each other, using nice words, and showing your gratitude for him. Eventually, your husband will know that he has already found his companion for life.


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