10 Signs You’re Falling In Love, According To Relationship Experts

Priyansh Ha |Oct 29, 2019

Have you ever been through the situation when you start sweating and acting awkward every time they are around? Honey, it seems like you are in love!

Love is not an absolute science. It’s kinda when considering the fact that there is oxytocin - a love-activating hormone surging in your body every time you catch feels for somebody. Despite the scientific explanation, the term “falling in love” varies among individuals.

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According to Louis Laves-Webb, a psychotherapist from Austin, when measuring the intensity of love, non-verbal communication is normally not the best option. As a matter of fact, the ways people express their feelings are different from one to another, you don’t know exactly what they mean through their behaviour. To someone, a shoulder shrug or a hair tussling indicate that they are into you, while to another, it simply means that they just want to scratch their head due to really bad dandruff.

It’s difficult to find the exact answer to the question of whether someone is having special feelings for you or not. Excuse the cliché, but commonly, you see it when you see it. It will be crystal clear when you are going through the same feelings.

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However, to evaluate the situation and discover what if someone is into you or not, you still need to apply some certain techniques and skills to see the hints. Here, we give you 10 signs implying that you are likely falling in love.

Physical Effects

1. Reduce Pain

A recent study discovered that having a romantic relationship can ease the intensity of physical pain by 40%. That also explains the theory that having your loving ones around during an unpleasant medical treatment can ameliorate your health condition and the whole procedure.

2. Mimicking Behaviors

Western people believe that there is a certain connection between someone’s mimicking behaviours and their affection toward you.

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3. Feeling Under Pressure

Suddenly suffering from increasing pressure could also be a sign showing that you have been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Technically, your brain cells constantly generating cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. As a consequence, if a simple lack-of-proof statement can easily get on to your nerves, then it's likely that you are in love.

4. Full Attention

Is it strange when in his company, checking your phone isn’t something you feel necessary anymore? The moment you find yourself can fully pay attention to someone without being distracted by anything, there is no doubt you are in love!

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5. The Eye Contact

The eyes can not lie, they say. That explains the reason why eye contact talks a lot about our feeling toward one another. Being able to hold someone’s gaze for 4 seconds at least somehow conveys the message of love.

6. Feeling Under The Weather

Having abnormal symptoms such as sweating or nausea can also be a part of the “falling in love” process. This happens due to the increase of cortisol in your body.

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Mental Effects

1. Losing Interest In Everyone But Him

It’s normal to date several people at the same time before finally find your special one. If someone is not yet in love, he or she will tend to check other options without thinking. However, the game changes when the right one shows up as the need for having several dates will disappear. At this moment, your true love is the only one you see in this world.

2. Being More Vulnerable

Another sign that indicates your love toward someone is the possibility of how vulnerable you are with them. Opening up yourself to someone probably is a sign of love.

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3. Changing Your Priority

Your priority changes when you are falling in love with someone, of course! Science has proven that people usually have a tendency to put their loving ones first.

4. Being Constantly Worry

Start worrying about someone’s safety? Willing to do everything to keep them comfortable and happy? Definitely there is something special going on here!


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