10 Signs Showing That Your Partner Is Too Obsessed With You

Jasmin Hue |Oct 08, 2019

If you feel that you are "overcared" by your bae, you should check out these signs to see if they are too attached to you before deciding to invest your time and effort in this relationship.

It’s nice to feel that you are number one in your lover's heart. But if you realize that you are being over cared, overprotected by your partner, who wants you to keep them update every few minutes, then watch out! Read on this list to see if your Bae has any signs of being too attached to you!

1. They feel insecure if you reply their texts late

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Imagine you go out and forget you phone at home, your phone looks like it’s going to explode with all the notifications popping up on the screen, numerous texts, tens of phone calls. They cannot put the phone down, their finger keeps swiping back and forth to check if you have looked at their Instagram. If your bae does that, being in a relationship must be tiring for both of you.

2. They don’t give you your own space

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Being in love does not mean you are glued to each other all the time, you all need your own space. But your bae maybe gets too obsessed with you that he/she wants to follow every single step that you take. Even when you have a gathering with your friends, they insist on coming with you. It’s very hard to go further in such relationship.

3. They get furious when you go without them

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We all must know that we cannot always be our partner’s first priority. You have many other things to care about: your friends, families, relatives beside your lover. Mutual trust is of great importance in a relationship, so your partner should let you do whatever you want as long as you do not threaten your relationship. If they put you in difficult situation: choosing between them or your friends, then it may be the time to let go of this relationship.

4. They are stalkers on social media

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They might spend hours on social media to investigate you. They would immediately make a fuss when you accidentally hit “like” button on your ex’s photo. Once you no longer feel free even on your private social media platform, you should definitely revise your relationship

5. They present everywhere you go.

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You see your bae everywhere you go. You might think that you are haunted or it’s an illusion, but no, they are truly following you around.

It’s even worse when they even have your locations updated on apps so that they can track your movements. No matter where you go, to school, home, to a coffee shop, they even know better than any FBI.

6. They have no faith in you

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If your partner is very clingy, probably it’s a sign of a lack of trust. Hence, they feel unsecured all the time, they need to know where you are, what you talk with your friends, who you meet, why you do not pick up their call.

In their mind, thousands of negative scenarios are created. High suspicion is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

7. They devote all of their time for you

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It's natural and understandable if your bae is always willing to help you. But if they take risks to leave everything behind and sacrifice for you, it would be too much pressure on you.

You will stress yourself out on thinking about what would happen if your relationship ends, because you are the whole world to your partner.

8. They're moving way too fast

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After your first few dates, they want to present to their family, they talk about long-term commitment and start painting out your future together as husband and wife. They take things so serious that makes you feel puzzled. You had better fix this relationship before they get too glued to you.

9. They give up their own hobbies.

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They only have you in their eyes, in their mind. They skip their drawing class just to spend time with you, they no longer play their favorite sports because they want to play your favorite sports with you. Being in a relationship does not mean you have to be the same in every aspect.

Your own interests shape who you are. So if your bae put all her hobbies aside because of you, there’s no point investing in such relationship, it’s unhealthy for both of you.

10. Their biggest enemies are your exes


They bombard you with questions about your exes to investigate if you are still in touch with them. Their eyes turn red on seeing you talking with your exes. If their jealousy makes you feel uneasy then maybe you should have an open conversation about this to ensure a more sustainable relationship.


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