Your Friend Definitely Has A Crush On You If He Has These 10 Signs

Sahana Nhi |Aug 26, 2019

“Does my friend have a crush on me or he just shows his kindness with his friend?” These 10 signs here to help you find out the answers. Check it!

Having a relationship with friends might be an interesting but complicated experience. “Does my friend have a crush on me or he just shows his kindness with his friend?” This question absolutely will make you have a headache!

crush on you

These 10 signs here to help you find out your friend has a crush on you or he just treats you kindly as a friend. Check it!

1. He responds to you with the speed of light!

crush on you

Men show their attitude clearly when they fall in love. If your friend loves you, he will reply to your messages with the speed of light. He also texts or talks to you a lot. But if he doesn’t, you rarely have the chance to talk to him. Even when you start the conversation first, you have to wait about 5 or 6 hours to receive his messages.

2. He wants to know your relationship status

Your friend will wonder about your relationship if he has a crush on you. He will keep asking you on you two’s social media but never in your real life. He may feel shy to ask you directly. Besides, he also wants you to know that he doesn’t fall in love with anyone at the moment. It’s because he doesn’t want you to misunderstand that he has someone else, he just cares about you.

3. He feels uncomfortable and jealous of the person whom you are dating or falling in love with

crush on you

That is the normal behavior because the man who loves you will want to be the only guy in your heart. That’s the reason why he will see the other guys as his competitors.

Honestly, no one likes their competitors, especially their competitor in love. He will think that he is the only one who desires to you and treats you best. Listen to Shawn Mendes’s new song Treat You Better to understand his feeling!

4. He wants to go out with you, not any other

crush on you

Friends usually hang out together in groups, but when your friend has a crush on you, he will ask you to go out one on one with him. He wants your attention but doesn't want to be disturbed by any else. The private atmosphere between you two will make him happy.

5. He gives you compliments out of the blue

One day, when your friend suddenly tells you something like “You look so beautiful today”, it proves that he has a crush on you.  It might make you feel so weird. Don’t be too surprised! It just a normal action of the guy who is falling in love.

6. He tries to touch you as much as possible

Of course, this is not always true, because they can be an approachable person or something like this, but when he sees you after a few days or months and gives you a super tight hug, that is a good signal to recognize their sentiment to you.

7. Everyone misunderstands that you two are having a crush on each other

crush on you

If you and your friend are too close that nobody is in doubt that you and your friend are not a couple, maybe not only your friend but also you have special feelings for the other.

8. He suggests dating by a joke

He will tell you something like “How about dating together if we are still single in next month or year ”. It might look like a joke, but he surely has the purpose to say so! He wants to watch your reaction and evaluate it.

9. He wants to create memories with you

crush on you

It doesn’t mean he loves you, but it is still a good signal that you can count on. He will want to take photos, videos with you by several intimate actions when he like you for some reason. For example, when you post these on your Instagram, he can show to the other guy that you guy are closer than anyone else.

10. Does everything he can for you but does not require any return

He is willing to help you whenever you need without complaining even if you ask him to do something silly and difficult. If he does not have special feelings with you, he will never do it.


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