Wonder Whether Your Partner Is Serious About Your Relationship? Check These 10 Signs!

Sahana Nhi |Sep 22, 2019

“Does he want to have a serious relationship with me or he’s just a playboy?” Check these 10 signs, if your boyfriend has them, dump that playboy!

Relationships are usually complicated but also interesting. They make your emotion be up and down, just like a roller coaster. Sometimes, you feel like he really cares about you, but you also feel like he just wants to play around with you for a few days later.

“Does he want to have a serious relationship with me or he’s just a playboy?” Is that what makes you usually confused? Stop guessing! Check these 10 signs, if your boyfriend has them, dump that playboy!

serious relationship

You are his No.1 priority

serious relationship

If a man is serious while dating you, he will put you in his priority. That shows your true place in his heart and how much he cares about you. But he keeps let you in his second or third place, might be you aren’t important enough, or your relationship isn’t that close. Keep watching his action!

Almost of his time is spent on you

serious relationship

Take a look at the time you two spend with each other without lovemaking. How much is it? Did he enjoy while being with you? Was he excited, although you two just did normal things like eating or cooking together? Answer these question honestly, and you may know whether your boyfriend deserves with your love or not.

He feels free to talk about the financial situation with you

serious relationship

Men only feel free to talk about financials with the girl he loves a lot. Financials are complicated and sensitive topics which easy to cause fights because they are related to men’s self-esteem and ability. But if he proactively discusses the financial topics with you, for example, his salary, his spending habits and so on, say no more, keep this man with you, as long as possible.

Usually, discuss each other’s plan

serious relationship

If a man doesn’t love you or want to have a serious relationship, he won’t care about your plans and also won’t share his. All he wants to talk might be about S.E.X or sideline topics.

His future plans always contain you!

serious relationship

Don’t just think about marriage or moving in together plans. It can be any future plan, but it contains you. It may be about a pink cough he will buy next month which you like a lot or a new oven you can use to cook meals for both. From simple to complicated plans, if they’re always about you two’s life, needless to say, this man is falling in deep love with you.

He’s got your back

serious relationship

Every man wants to be his girlfriend and pillar if they’re serious with their relationship. He always shows up when you’re in trouble and tries his best to overcome it for you. But if he tries to run away or avoid you, think carefully about your relationship.

You know all his family and friends

serious relationship

Don’t have any illusion that he’s serious with you because he let you meet his friends. Only when you are in his inner circle and actually know all his family and friends, you are really in his serious relationship zone.

He knows your dark time, and vice versa

serious relationship

Life is never flat and everyone has his/her own dark time, no exception. But not everyone wants to talk about it. The dark time is actually a sensitive topic, especially with men, but if he’s willing to talk about his weaker and vulnerable side to you, you own his heart.

He texts to you every day

serious relationship

Needless to speak, this is an obvious signal to show that he can’t stop thinking about you for all day.

You are the first one he wants to share the good news

serious relationship

Whatever the good news is about, men always share it with the most important person with them. The reason for this cute action is he wants to show you his strength and success, and earn your trust.


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