Top Indian Destinations In March To Enjoy The Best Atmosphere Of Festivals

Ankita Chetana |Feb 28, 2020

India is going to welcome an effulgent string of festivals next month, so don’t miss the best Indian destinations in March below!

March is coming and bringing the refreshing source of energy with several exciting festivals in India. The Sun is scorching to an aureate color, which throws away the darkness of the winter sky. India is also dying itself with funky colors of celebrations to open a new summer. Ahead of an active and funny festival season, don’t forget to visit these 5 Indian destinations in March for the best sensation of enjoyment.


Retreat yourself with Rishikesh wonderland

You might get to know that India leads the Yoga session over the world and Rishikesh is a wonder to practice it. The International Yoga Festival lasts 7 days in the first week of March. Embracing the peaceful sense of Yoga, don’t hesitate to pack your luggage there to join other 2000 participants and experience the holy place of Yoga.


Foreigners are dancing in Holi at Pushkar

One of the most anticipated and important days in March is the Holi festival on Mar 10th. Pushkar should be your wanderlust to enjoy the favor of the multi-colored world. This is the only city in the world to have a Brahma temple. But what makes wonders to tourists is the craziness of the Holi festival here. Forget all the deadlines and troubles to free yourself in Pushkar!


Goa Shigmo
Shigmo festival at Goa, India

Needless to have a special reason to reach Goa as this place always gives you something to have a visit. But especially in March, the native people will open the Shigmo festival celebration that you can join within 5 days.

Havelock Island

Havelock Island
The beauty of the sky and water in Havelock island

One of the most visited Indian destinations in March is Havelock island with pure and cool water. Imagine a morning you wake up with the light breeze of summer and the ultimate sound of little waves. The temperature is around 20 to 24 Celsius degree, filtering the air the most.


Sikkim - the best option above Indian destinations in India

Swimming in the border of hot and cold, North East of India is the best place for you this March. Touching the pleasure of peace and greatness of nature, Sikkim would be your unforgettable place of visit. Orchids and snow are waiting for you. Let’s go!

Finding a place to dragging you to your inner self is not difficult when you agree to visit one or more of such Indian destinations in March. We are sure that it’s worth your time and there are no regrets!


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