The Trailer For "Top Gun": Maverick Shows Us A Hint Of Nostalgia To The Original

Ariana Linh |Jul 24, 2019

Once again, the ever-charming Tom Cruise will appear on the big screen with the sequel of his iconic movie, Top Gun. The trailer for Top Gun: Maverick was recently released and it's chock-full of nostalgia.

Once again, the ever-charming Tom Cruise will appear on the big screen. As an actor known for doing sequels, Cruise will now step back into the shoes of Pete Mitchell in the sequel of Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick.

34 years ago, the first movie was released, and it kickstarted Cruise's whole career in Hollywood. Now, as the trailer of the sequel hits Youtube, we are prepared to see Pete take flight and impress us fans for the second time.

Still The Same Insubordinate Pete Mitchell we know and love

As soon as the trailer started, we get a shot of the new plane our protagonist will be flying. Then we see Cruise in his dapper self having a conversation with a superior. Feeling nostalgic yet? That's the character Pete Mitchell has always been portrayed as a rebellious, quick-witted man.

He faced the same problems with his senior in the original movie, and it looks like the man hasn't learned a thing through all this time.

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He looks older, but it's the same Pete Mitchell we know and love from the original. Source:

Exhilarating Airplane Sequences

Another reminder to the 1986 movie comes from the plane itself. Once more, we bear witness to the dangerous maneuver of the fighter jet that makes the original so captivating. On top of that, Pete's favorite headgear returns, with the imposing and kind of arrogant "Maverick" codename embedded in the front.

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Pete's iconic headgear with his codename "Maverick" written in front. Source:

Breath-taking Landscapes.

Besides the action sequences, you can't help but take in the breath-taking landscapes. Top Gun wasn't the pioneer of aviation films, but it set up a status quo for future films of the same type after its premiere. The movie even reached cult movie status to many movie-lovers. '

Chock-full Of Nostalgia

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Tom Cruise recreating the famous bike scene in the original movie. Source:

As soon as you mention the original Top Gun, the image of Cruise racing a plane on his motorbike immediately pops in your mind. The nostalgic factor is cranked up to 10 the sequel. The trailer brings us back to the past with the same scene, along with the exact background track.


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