"Eyes Wide Shut" Movie Download - Controversial Erotic Film Starring Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman

Salena Harshini |Aug 06, 2020

The erotic movie starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise has a quirky plot and a lot of steamy scenes. Watch it now!

Eyes Wide Shut is a 1999 film starring real-life former couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. This is also the last movie by Stanley Kubrick. Eyes Wide Shut remains one of the most iconic erotic movies after nearly 20 years of release and that is why you may want to watch Eyes Wide Shut movie download right now!

Eyes Wide Shut download is available below!

Eyes Wide Shut review

Eyes Wide Shut movie download is about the troubles in the sexual life of a married couple: doctor Bill Harford (Tom Cruise) and Alice (Nicole Kidman).

In the Eyes Wide Shut full movie, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman portray a couple who experience struggle in their marriage after the wife reveals a dark secret of her. Alice fantasizes about other men even when getting intimate with her husband.

Too stunned, the husband became obsessed with having sexual encounters. He went to a nightclub and met his old medical school friend. Curious about the work of his friend, Dr. Harford disguised as a mysterious guest and infiltrated a castle in the suburbs. And here, he discovered a terrible and extremely sick secret.

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The development of the movie is steamy and unexpected

Set in the dreamy Christmas season, the film takes the doctor Tom Cruise through a complicated journey full of conspiracies and metamorphosis in the human mind, finally reaching the collective image of people. participating in masks in a mansion, the most mentioned scene in the movie.

Eyes Wide Shut movie download plot is inspired by the novel Traumnovelle (Dream Story) by Arthur Schnitzler, telling about the bed problems a couple.

This film is interwoven with many details about sex, religion, theology and because of these things, the movie stumbles over the mixed response of the audience.

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The Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman received diverse comments

Eyes Wide Shut full movie is also the movie that Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman brought their marriage to a bet. The couple's own marriage problems were also brought into the film to create the most realistic feel.

It is the first flick in which Nicole Kidman had to play lots of steamy scenes. A number of heavy scenes were cut when the movie hit theaters, though Eyes Wide Shut was labeled 18+.

Eyes Wide Shut and what's behind the screens

Eyes Wide Shut movie download also had the longest recording time which made it to the Guinness Book of Records. The movie was shot for a year and a half. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman started filming in London in the fall of 1996 and they had to spend time there until the end of 1997 with 400 days of non-stop filming.

But that was not enough for director Stanley Kubrick. He also asked the two to return to the film studio in London during the next five months to record a few more scenes, until Eyes Wide Shut officially completed in January 1998.

In order for Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman to pull off their roles, Stanley Kubrick let them live as their marriage. The two of them slept in the bedroom of the setting, arranging the familiar room as their own home, choosing the color of the curtains, throwing clothes on the floor, and leaving the change on the table, next to the bed as Cruise did at home.

Nicole Kidman once called the filming of the film a risky psychological test for their relationship. Nicole Kidman believes director Stanley Kubrick used the film to provoke the couple's sex life. However, Nicole Kidman has not once blamed the filming of Eyes Wide Shut for their broken marriage.

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Nicole Kidman was (and is still) among the most stunning actresses of Hollywood at that time

Although it had to face a lot of mixed reviews, Eyes Wide Shut is still one of the director's best films because of its subtle but at the same time suffocating and dark theme.

Most critics have given the film positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, the average score for the film was 7.5/10 and commented that Kubrick's intense research on human psychology created an impressive cinematographic work. More than 50 film critics have chosen it as the best film of 1999.

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Nicole Kidman grows like fine wine and her film with Tom Cruise will always remain iconic

Despite the criticism, Eyes Wide Shut movie download has always appeared in the list of excellent films. Slant Magazine for the film ranked No. 2 in the peak films in the 90s. And the BBC ranked the 61st film in the list of 100 works of the 21st century.

Eyes Wide Shut movie download

The movie is more than an erotic film as it also focuses on the dark side of the elite and secrets behind their extravagant looks on the outside. Click to watch it online or get it for free in HD:


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The movie will provide you the most astonishing experience ever

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