Mission Impossible 7 Starts Filming In UK – Leaked Scenes Of Tom Cruise On Setting

Hanima Anand |Mar 19, 2020

After the lockdown of Italy, Mission: Impossible 7 team have moved to Surrey UK to film the latest sequel. Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise is spotted on the setting with breath-taking scenes. Check it!

The latest movie of Mission Impossible series was reported to be filming yesterday in Surrey, the United Kingdom after Venice, Italy was locked due to coronavirus outbreak. Tom Cruise was also seen on the setting for the opening sequence of Mission Impossible 7.

Tom Cruise On Motorbike Scene
Tom Cruise testing his motorbike before filming.

The 57-year-old Hollywood superstar played the role of Ethan Hunt, spotted performing dangerous stunts in an original Fiat 500.

Tom Cruise Filming Mission Impossible 7
A mini Fiat was used in chasing scene.

To make everything as real as possible, Tom Cruise maneuvered the mini car in smoke around the gunway to illustrate death defying burnouts in the movie. The entire team was in awe while watching the Oscar nominated actor performed the dramatic chasing scenes.

Tom Cruise In Fiat Burnouts
The Fiat was covered in smoke while the megastar maneuvered.

That seems not enough for the adventurous actor who is already approaching his 60s. After the burnouts with smoky Fiat, Tom Cruise grabbed his motorbike and shocked everyone at the scene.

How could he do that? Is he an actor or a professional stuntman?

Tom Cruise Riding Motorbike In Mission Impossible
Tom Cruise performed riding motorbike with one wheel.

Even street motorbike racers must respect Tom’s skills in riding the motorbike on one wheel like that. But that’s not all!

The dad of three was also seen in a jaw-dropping take in which he was chasing from a helicopter. So now you know the reason for the success of Mission Impossible 7 even before it’s released. Every scene is shot with utmost reality. No stuntman, hardly effect, it’s all real!

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Tom Cruise In Mission Impossible
The father of three is not afraid of any scene at the age of 57.

According to reports, to serve the filming of Mission Impossible 7 during the coronavirus outbreak, the team have built an impressive Italian set in Surrey with iconic landmarks of Italy such as the Spanish Steps in Rome. If there isn’t any change, the movie will be shot here for the entire production.

Tom Cruise On Mission Impossible 7 Set
After Tom Cruise, other stars and crew will also present in Surrey.

Besides Tom Cruise, other stars and crew are also being evacuated from Italy. Mission Impossible 7 is expected to premier in 2021.

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