Tom Holland - Zendaya Ship Has Sunk: Tom Has A Sweet Date With Mysterious Blond?

Kimmy Karima |Jul 18, 2019

Should we be happy for Tom, or should we be sad that our favorite ship has sunk?

We all know that Tom Holland and Zendaya have had a special chemistry. They looked so adorable together that their fans couldn’t stop shipping them and trying to find the clues. Even after they both had denied the dating rumors.

Tom zendaya
They looked so cute together!

In a recent interview, our favorite Spider-Man said he was not dating anyone at the moment, although he was still a “relationship person”. Zendaya also confirmed that they were “just friends”.

But people only believe what they want to believe, right? That’s why everyone kept hoping that tables would turn and they would come out as a couple finally!

Tom proved that he wasn’t dating Zendaya!

Now, what came out was some photos of Tom with a girl, who was clearly not Zendaya. They supposedly went together to London’s Hyde Park at attending The Black Eyed Peas’ concert during the British Summer Time Festival.

Oh, they're getting so close to each other!

Tom and this mysterious girl both wore black T-shirts and dark pants, and they looked comfortable together. They even held hands and cuddled up too.


Some would like to believe that Tom and this blond were also “just friends”. But they seemed to be more than that. Because at one moment, this (lucky) girl put her hand on Tom’s butt. And she smiled - oh, who could blame her for that?

This is one lucky, lucky girl.

Twitter has been exploding

Many fans expressed their shock that their favorite couple turned out to be what they had said: not a couple! Some other fans congratulated Tom on finding his happiness. Considering his statement that he wasn’t the fleeting type, this relationship might be a serious one. There are also some curious ones urging everyone to find the mysterious blond’s identity.

We wish you happiness, Tom, whoever you choose to be with!

No matter what, we still hope Tom is happy with his choice. After all, he’s a 23-year-old guy and it’s time for him to experiment and grow.

Meanwhile, Tom’s rep hasn’t responded to this news. Maybe this is his personal life and he doesn’t want to open up, yet.


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