Top 5 Iconic Bromances Of Hollywood: From "Jumanji" To "Spiderman" Stars

Aesha |Dec 07, 2019

IT couples are not the only attention-magnet of Hollywood as bromances are a thing among fans also. Check out top 5 Tinseltown's best bromances here.

IT couples are not the only attention-magnet of Hollywood as bromances are a thing among fans also. From Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland to Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson, there is a list of star bromances who can crack us up every time with their interaction.


Talking about Kevin and Dwayne, it is a known fact that they are great colleagues and great buddies. From teasing each other on social media and film sets to having each other’s back, the duo proves that their friendship is admirable. They are also avid in sharing funny moments of the other on the Internet.

For more of this wonderful friendship in the industry, check out the ever favored Hollywood bromances right here.

Jake Gyllenhaal & Tom Holland


The Spiderman co-stars are totally loved by fans worldwide. Tom and Jake are also considered the bromance gems found since their collaboration in the latest Spiderman movie of Marvel Studio. They can be seen pulling one another’s leg in their mutual interviews and on their social media handles.

In a Good Morning Britain talk, mentioning the famous bromance, the Prince of Persia actor said that it is not a bromance but straight up a romance. Well, that sums up it all!

Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman


The bromance of these two actors is out of this world. If you are among those who have been following Hugh and Ryan online, you must be aware that they are completely determined in giving one another a hard time on the Internet.

Whatsoever, the two share the best and the most iconic bromance ever. Besides teasing each other, they also express their eternal love for the other whenever they have the chance.

Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart


The duo makes sure to make their bromance widely-known with a lot of hilarious moments. Dwayne Johnson even called his friendship with Kevin “his other marriage”.

Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon


The Mirror singer and the famous TV host have been friends for quite a while. Their bromance is the most popular with the coffee mug inception where they keep printing their own selfie on each other’s shirt and it creates a funny loop.

Sometimes, even Justin’s spouse Jessica Biel jeers at their bromance.

Adam Levine & Blake Shelton


Another special bromance of Tinseltown is Adam and Blake. Their bromance began when they were coaches on The Voice, the famous singing show.


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