"The Devil All The Time" Review & Movie Download: The Thriller That Features Spiderman, Batman, Pennywise And The Hottest Actresses Ever

Salena Harshini |Sep 17, 2020

The new movie The Devil All The Time has one of the most starry casts ever and it is trending worldwide. Read our review and watch the film here!

A new movie brimming with famous actors has graced the Internet lately and it is totally worth watching. The Devil All The Time is a psychological thriller based on a popular novel with the same name of author Donal Ray. See the review and free movie download to watch the film right now.

The movie is making a storm since its release

Director Antoni Campos has demonstrated to the world the skill to build his character mentality through works like Christine and Simon Killer. The 36-year-old filmmaker now has the opportunity to work on the biggest budget film project ever thanks to the investment from Netflix.

The movie is set between the times of World War II and the Vietnam War with a well-known cast including Robert Pattinson, Sebastian Stan, Tom Holland, Riley Keough, Jason Clarke, Bill Skarsgård, Mia Wasikowska, Haley Bennett, and Harry Melling.

the-devil-all-the-time 1
The cast includes some of the most well-known names

If you are wondering what the flick is about, here it is: In Knockemstiff, Ohio, where villagers live close to the woods, there are a load of evil characters: an evil priest (Robert Pattinson), a brutal serial killer couple (Riely Keough and Jason Clarke), a degenerate police chief (Sebastian Stan). All of these people are a threat to the life of the young man named Arvin Russell (Tom Holland) and he has no choice but to stand up and protect his family.

The Devil All The Time is a mix of noir and gothic genres, according to director Antoni Campos. The original novel is one of the most difficult novels to be adapted as there are a lot of characters with diverse timestamps in it. The movie plot even focuses on those who have been coping with post-war trauma which makes them suffer from mental changes and brutal behaviors.

the-devil-all-the-time 2
Riley Keough is one of the muses in the new movie

The cast of The Devil All The Time alone can spur interest in the film. The long-awaited duo – Spiderman Tom Holland and Batman Robert Pattinson have finally graced in the same work.

Making this sort of progress presents an unnerving undertaking, one that may have been done better if extended into a limited serial. With no guarantees, the film basically sways starting with one character then onto the next, and it is said to feel episodic unavoidably. Some reviewers made a comment that it leaves some skilled actors - Mia Wasikowska and Haley Bennett among others in the cast - with little to do.

the-devil-all-the-time 3
Haley Bennet is best known for her acting in "Swallow" (2019)

The early part falls toward the soldier (Bill Skarsgard) whose matured son Arvin (Tom Holland) nags about being brought up alongside a young girl (Eliza Scanlen), a survival from a tragic event.

Somewhere else, there is a couple who are both serial killers and a corrupt police officer. While the former pick hitchhikers and kill them, the later is doing things in an attempt to get reelected. While there are several faces from the Marvel universe, a refugee from the DC is also present. Robert Pattinson plays a lustful preacher who appears in around an hour into the film, rambling lessons that simply represent his hypocrisy.

the-devil-all-the-time 4
Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson have pulled off their work in this Netflix film

Although Arvin did get taught much by his father, he did adopt justice under the nature of vengeance. The role surely brings about a different acting aspect of Tom Holland who gets a significant time to be on screens among a few and flaunted much in the way of humanity or compassion.

As a matter of fact, just the name of this cast is already a big promotional coupon for Netflix. It was deemed to be likely to hit the most-popular category and as a matter of fact, it is indeed one name of the list now. In the midst of scheduling high-profile movies that feature one week at a time, The Devil All The Time still attracts quite a lot of attention with an ensemble cast.

The movie collected mixed reviews from the audience and film critics alike. Among the cast, the performances of Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland are praised more prominently. However, all in all, the flick has not attained the expected success.

Compared to the source material, The Devil All The Time is said to be “soulless” and “rote”.

In case you cannot watch the released film on Netflix, check out our The Devil All The Time movie download and see whether the film that stars so many credited actors would deserve those comments.

the-devil-all-the-time 5
Bill Skarsgård, who played the clown in "IT", is also part of this star-studded film

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