Sexy Short Actresses In Hollywood That Show Power Comes In Small Packages

Salena Harshini |Oct 30, 2020

Power comes in small packages, and these petite stars of Hollywood show solid proof of that fact. See the most stunning and sought-after starlets in town who say height does not matter!

Not every model and actress stands as tall as we think. In fact, a number of the finest Hollywood actresses just have an average height of 5’3’’ or under. So here is the list of short actresses in Hollywood who are talented, gorgeous, and have larger-than-life personalities.

Hayden Panettiere - 5 feet

It may appear quite shocking that Hayden Panettiere is also one of the short actresses in Hollywood with a height of solid 5’.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Hayden Panettiere
Hayden Panettiere, one of the short actresses in Hollywood, makes heads turn with an ethereal beauty

The sexy symbol is famous for her dreamy blue eyes, curvaceous figure, and bright smile, she still manages to steal hearts despite her height.

Lady Gaga - 5 feett 1 inch

The myth behind the singer-actress’s freakishly tall, iconic heels was revealed after millions of questions. The powerhouse of the industry is only 5’1” but her stage presence makes her look like she is 10 feet tall.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Lady Gaga
Her heels are always out of this world

As Lady Gaga rarely wears flats, it is no surprise that people can hardly notice her real height.

Kristen Bell - 5 feet 1 inch

Kristen Bell is also pretty famous as one of the short actresses of Hollywood with a height of 5’1”. Her humble height cannot deny the fact that she has the steamiest body and an enviable career.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Kristen Bell
Kristen Bell is known for her acting in a lot of famous movies and series

Her famous role as Veronica Mars helped her achieve the current status and while she appeared a bit tiny compared to other leggy stars in town, she is getting much bigger in notoriety especially after the success of Frozen.

Vanessa Hudgens - 5 feet 1 inch

Everybody looks taller in movies and televisions. However, Vanessa Hudgens’s famous boyfriends also seem much taller next to her.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Vanessa Hudgens
The "High School Musical" star looks tiny but it does not equal her talents

It is difficult to believe that the actress is just 5’1” while her celebrity exes are significantly tall: Zac Efron is 5’8”, Josh Hutcherson is 5’7”, and Austin Butler is 6 feet.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Vanessa Hudgens 2
She is much shorter than her ex-boyfriends.

Ariana Grande - 5 feet 3 inches

Ariana Grande has been riding high on success since her show for tween Sam & Cat along with an enviable musician career. She is definitely one of the short actresses in Hollywood with the most massive fan base all around the world.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Ariana Grande 1
Ariana Grande may not look grande

It may be difficult to deal with the huge buzz while her stature is only 5’3”, but her immense vocal range and pipes have made her the trendiest and hottest star at the moment.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Ariana Grande 2
But her powerful singing voice is unparalleled.

Emilia Clarke - 5 feet 2 inches

This list of short actresses in Hollywood includes the most sought-after celebs ever. She always brings a ton of vibrance and energy with her smile and signature eyebrows.

The petite yet iconic actress is 5’2” tall.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke is one of the most talented petite ladies

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Reese Witherspoon - 5 feet 1 inch

Reese Witherspoon became an iconic actress at a really young age. The actress who is known for her roles in Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde, This Means War is like Tom Cruise's female version.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon rocking kick ever since 1991.

Her memorable roles hardly ever acknowledge how tiny she is. It’s a bonus point for camera work as her height is only 5’1”.

Nicole Richie - 5 feet 1 inch

She came into the eye of the public as the pint-sized fellow of Paris Hilton on The Simple Life but quickly carved a niche for herself as a fashionista.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie rose more than just a friend of Paris Hilton.

It is her thin frame that makes her seem significantly taller than just 5’1”.

Kylie Minogue - 5 feet

Kylie Minogue is the top singer of the world and she is only 5 feet. People have been wondering if her height is what helped her stay so youthful.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue does not look short at all and she still stays youthful as ever in her 50s.

It is wrong to say humble height would hinder someone’s success as she has had a powerful career for more than 25 years.

Kourtney Kardashian - 5 feet 10 inches

No one in the Kardashians is tall particularly except Khloe whose height stands at 5’10”. Meanwhile, Kourtney Kardashian is the most petite in the family with 5’ tall.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian stuns with her curvaceous avatar.

This must be the reason why she seems to be the easiest to forget. Her frame lets her out and about without getting much attention or it may be because she is less outspoken than her sisters Kim and Khloe.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Kardashians
She is the tiniest one in the clan.

Zoe Kravitz - 5 feet 2 inches

Zoe Kravitz does not have the most impressive height but as you see, she still aces it both as a model and an actress.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Zoe
Not very tall? So what? She can be both model and actress despite all that

Apparently, all the tiny girls get the tall guys like her husband, actor Karl Glusman is 6'2" also while she is only 5’2”.

AnnaSophia Robb - 5 feet

This is another eye-opening factor of the short actresses in Hollywood list as AnnaSophia Robb as she does not look like 5 feet at all.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Annasophia Robb
Does she look like one of the short actresses in Hollywood? Not at all!

She does not need an outstanding stature to be a successful actress as since working as a child actress until now, she has been seen in many popular projects such as Sex and the City, Bridge to Terabithia, Race to Witch Mountain.

Ashley Olsen & Mary Kate Olsen - 5 feet 1 inch

We are also surprised to find out that Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are fraternal twins as they look startlingly identical. While their younger sister Elizabeth Olsen is 5’6”, Mary-Kate is 5’ while Ashley is slightly taller with 5’1”.

Short Actresses In Hollywood Ashley Olsen Mary Kate Olsen
Compared to her youngest sister, Mary-Kate and Ashley are not as tall

The two are the most successful twin in the history of Hollywood as they have ruled the town ever since their childhood.

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