Emilia Clarke Hot Photoshoot That Proves She Is The Sexiest Of All

Salena Harshini |Oct 25, 2020

Emilia Clarke was a nobody until she landed the role of Daenerys Stormborn in Game of Thrones. Here we bring you some of the stunning Emilia Clarke images that will prove that she is the sexiest of all.

Emilia Clarke, born on 1986 in London, England, is a top-notch television and movie star who is best known for her role as Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen. October 23 is her birthday and the adorable, sexy, and talented actress just turned 34 this year. On her birthday, here are the steamiest Emilia Clarke hot photoshoot and her journey from a bold stunner to the new rom-com queen.

Emilia Clarke
The steamiest Emilia Clarke hot photoshoot will make you wrap around her finger

1. The sensual, powerful, majestic Dragon Mother

She comes from a family where her father is a theater sound engineer and her mother is a businesswoman. Acting talent emerged in Emilia very early after she watched the musical Show Boat at the age of three.


She attended the London Drama Center to pursue her passion and although she had a dream of being an actress since she was little, Emilia Clarke started her career quite late compared to many of her peers.

Until 2009, she had her debut role at the age of 23, in the British television series Doctors. However, just two years later, the name Emilia Clarke began to reach out from the land of fog to the world when Game of Thrones started being aired.


Until now, Daenerys Targaryen has become the legendary character of Emilia Clarke on the small screens and it helps her gain millions of fans around the globe.

At first, the part of The Mother of Dragons was assigned to another British actress, Tamzin Merchant. Due to some reasons, Tamzin got replaced and the chance desired by thousands of actresses came to Emilia Clarke.


Emilia Clarke became a sought-after star who has a mythical beauty and luxurious aura. Emila Clarke hot photoshoot along with her fame became more and more widespread as Game of Thrones got more viral as each season was released.

Emilia Clarke gradually became an A-list actress, winning four prestigious Primetime Emmy nominations for her role as the Dragon Mother. Despite a modest height compared to other actresses, Emilia Clarke still has a fiery body.


When she was a child, Emilia was teased by her friends because of her thick natural eyebrows. However, how the tables have turned as she is now one of the hottest and most successful in town. Take a look at Emilia Clarke hot photoshoot and you will see the truth.

Emilia Clarke hot photoshoot is always a treat to fans

Game of Thrones brought fame but also serious effects on Emilia Clarke's health. A few weeks after the end of the first season, when Emilia's fitness coach asked her to do a plank, she felt like a rubber band was tightening her brain.


The actress had to crawl to the changing room, and broke down because the pain was getting worse. She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage. After two brain surgeries, Emilia Clarke's health gradually recovered.

2. An influential star

In 2014, she topped the list of top 100 most desired women by AskMen. A year later, she was chosen by Esquire to be The Sexiest Woman Alive. Seeing these Emilia Clark hot photoshooot, we can see why men are obsessed over her.

She has stripped down quite a lot of times for her role in Game of Thrones

In 2019, the 34-year-old actress was named in the list of Top 100 Most Influential People by Times.

Emilia Clarke also works hard for charity, using her image to appeal to the public to support social activities. Especially, after two brain surgeries, Emilia also set up a separate fund called SameYou to support young people who also suffer from diseases like her. The stunner is also regularly present in events calling for women's rights in modern society.

Emilia5    Emilia14

3. The new generation's rom-com queen

Alongside the TV industry, Emilia Clarke also ventured into movies starting with her first role in the comedy-drama Spike Island in 2012. However, the bolder she appears on the small screens, the less Emilia Clarke shrugs off her clothes on the big screens.

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Her first big movie was the blockbuster Terminator Genisys in 2015. Emilia Clarke plays the role of Sarah Connor - which has been the signature role of senior actress Linda Hamilton in the 80s. However, Emilia's strong yet soft aura has brought a new color to this character.

Having a pretty face and a bright smile that can easily gain sympathy from the opposite person, Emilia Clarke has become the chosen face of many love and comedy film directors.

In 2016, she paired with actor Sam Claflin in the acclaimed and tear-taker romantic film - Me Before You. With only a production budget of $20 million, the film grossed more than $200 million and was one of the most successful Rom-Com films that year.

She has become a guaranteed name for the rom-com movie genre as well

Possessing beauty, talent, and charm yet Emilia Clarke does not seem to find luck in love. She had a two-year love affair with director-actor Seth MacFarlane and after starring in Terminator Genysis, she also dated co-star Jai Courtney, but it did not last long. Emilia Clarke is also rumored to have dated Jared Leto, James Franco, or Cory Michael Smith, but they were all brief affairs.


Earlier this year, after four months of dating, Emilia Clarke and director Charlie McDowell also ended their relationship. Up to now, at the age of 34, the beautiful Dragon Mother still stays single and diligently carves her niche on both big screens and the small screens.


For those uninitiated, not only acting, but Emilia Clarke also has musical talent as she is the pro in many genres from Ballad to Blue Jazz as well as playing Piano, Guitar, and flute.

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