Marvel wishes to cast Shah Rukh Khan as Indian superhero

Author |Sep 13, 2018

Can we see Shah Rukh Khan in a Marvel film in the future?

Marvel movies have gained a cult prestige in India. In spite of the release of famous films like Race 3 or Sanju, Avengers: Infinity War was maintained the 2018's biggest earner. However, Stephen Wacker has just shared intentions of having Shah Rukh Khan in a Marvel film. As the Vice President of Creative Development, Stephen Wacker shared that plan with the Indian atmosphere in his mind.

Stephen Wacker (left), Shah Rukh Khan as Ra One. Images from Twitter

Wacker had a recent interview with Indian Express. He said that at the next years, Marvel would try to create roles with a bridgehead in Indian culture. Furthermore, they will present the similarity to central North American Marvel audiences.

In addition, Stephen Wacker also talked about his hope for Marvel to produce. He further talked about Indian role on average with the similarity of Black Panther. Stephen Wacker emphasised that Shah Rukh Khan might be a part of that project, if it really happens.

In the meantime, Marve's been making progress to South Asia with moreover worldwide publication of their movie. They's also been presenting their first ever Pakistani-American superheroes film with Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan). Kevin Feige, Marvel chief had an interview with Hindustan Times recently

He said that they're busily planning a Ms. Marvel film after Captain Marvel of Brie LarsonWith the release of Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel, it might open new pathways for a new aspect of films.


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