Now HollyBoob, These Are 10 Times Hollywood Sign Fell Prey To Vicious Pranksters

Hanima Anand |Feb 03, 2021

Don’t be surprised to know that Hollywood sign pranks started decades ago, in 1976 to be exact. See all 10 times the symbolic sign were changed to other words!

Hollywood sign is considered a historical landmark and a cultural icon of the American film industry, as well as the USA in general. It was erected in 1923 on Mount Lee in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Hollywood Sign
Hollywood sign is either a historical or cultural landmark in the USA.

The white capital letters are 13.7m tall and 106.7m long, initially created for temporary advertisement purposes. Howeve, due to its recognition throughout the time, the letters were left on the mountain as a symbol, and Hollywood sign pranks also started.

Latest prank in 2021 – Hollywood turned to ‘Hollyboob’

Two days ago, the iconic sign of Hollywood was changed to Hollyboob by two social influencers together with a group of 4 friends. The gang used a giant tarp and some pieces of material to turn D into B. They also appeared to use a large B covering to hide W, so that the word read Hollyboob.

Hollywood Sign Pranks Hollyboob
Julia Rose and her Hollyboob prank

All six people have been arrested on Wednesday. The group said the initial purpose of changing the letters was to raise public awareness of breast cancer. However, Julia Rose, one of the two influencers, now has another explanation.

To be specific, Julia Rose was banned from Instagram for showing nearly nude photos. As a response, she wanted to change the words to protest the censorship policies of the social networking site. Her friend, Youtuber Jack Tenney, also joined the prank plan.

8 times Hollywood signs were vandalised

2017 - HollyWeed

Hollywood Sign Pranks Hollyweed
Pranksters have changed the sign to Hollyweed for two times till date.

Over 3 years ago, the sign was changed to HollyWeeD by artist Zachary Cole. He did this to celebrate the legalization of marijuana in California. The bold artist then surrendered to local police for his vandalism act.

1993 - JollyGood

In fact, there were several Hollywood sign pranks that took place in movies or online platforms between 1993 and 2017. However, we only look at times the sign was changed in real life.

In 1993, Hollywood sign was covered some banners and it read JollyGood after the incident. No one took responsibility, so the identity of pranksters remain unknown till date.

1992 – Holli Would & PerotWood

The Hollywood sign pranks in 1992 originated from the movie Cool World by Paramount Pictures. To advertise their film, the producer had paid $27,000 to install the sexy cartoon character named Holli Would onto the letter D of the sign.

Some time later in the same year, a group of Ross Perot supporters covered a part of the word with giant banners to make it read PerotWood. Ross Perot was a famous American businessman who founded Electronic Data Systems.

1990 – Oil War

Danny Finegood, or Daniel N. Finegood, is a notorious pranksters for his creative Hollywood sign pranks. In 1990, he changed the word to OIL WAR in the context of Gulf War raging. He also attempted to change the sign to HollyWeen on Halloween and make it disappear in April Fools but didn’t succeed.

1987 – FoXlywood, CalTech, OllyWood & HolyWood

Hollywood Sign Pranks Holywood
Holywood sign for a holy visit

It seems Hollywood sign was a very good way to spread a message back then. In 1987, the world famous sign had been altered 4 times in total. First, in April, the Fox network paid a whopping amount of money to change the letters to FoXlywood in the celebration of their newly launched primetime program.

In May, a group of pranksters changed it to CalTech as their gang’s name. In July, the familiar Finegood hid the letter H to form OllyWood. He did that to mock Oliver North’s interference in the Iran-Contra affair.

Finally, in September, to celebrate Pope John Paul II’s visit to America, people changed it to HolyWood.

1985 – RaffeySod

In 1985, the sign prank took place right on the New Year’s Eve. In the morning, people were shocked to see the word as RaffeySod. One week after that, the rock band in New Orleans took responsibility for the prank, which was to advertise a concert in Venice.

1983 – GollNavyd

Hollywood Sign Pranks Gollnavyd
GollNavyd, a product of Navy Midshipmen in 1983

It’s like a tradition when the sign prank occurred every time there was a special event in America. In 1983, the first and only football match between Army and Navy took place. To celebrate the occasion, a group of Navy Midshipmen intended to change the word to Go Navy. However, as they didn’t hide all letters, it turned out to be GollNavyd.

1976 – HollyWeed

This is the very first Hollywood sign prank. It’s done by no one but the famous prankster Daniel Finegood who was then an art student. He changed the word to HollyWeed to mark the decriminalization of marijuana in a US state. This also inspired the 2017 Hollywood sign prank by Zachary Cole.

Overall, the more Hollywood sign pranks happen, the more certain we are about the sign’s popularity. Whatever the word that it might be changed to, the whole world will pay attention. Let’s wait for more punches in the future, as we are sure there will be.

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